Barbie Figueroa

Barbie Figueroa
Vice President of Operations / Director of Order, Reason & Reality

Barbie Figueroa has been with Multifamilypro since it all began in 1991. As VP of Operations, she is responsible development of standard procedures, adherence to strategy, corporate financial management and full oversight of Multifamilypro’s day-to-day operations.

Barbie’s position on our core team is that of our primary “reality checker” with a special gift for focusing on the details and a consuming passion for getting things right the first time. She brings these strengths full-force to all that we do as a company which translates to outstanding control of quality, timeliness, and cost-effectiveness for our consulting clients, product customers and event attendees.

Her oversight and 25+ years of insightful experience in keeping us on track as a company ensure that the business end of things are more than taken care at every level of our organization, so we’re free to also be as creative and innovative as possible in all that we do.

Prior to joining Multifamilypro, Barbie was a top performing Collections Manager for a large automobile financing company. She’s the proud mother of two wonderful children and one very spoiled dog.

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VP of Operations / Director of Order, Reason & Reality, Multifamilypro
35246 U.S. Highway 19 North #259
Palm Harbor, FL 34684
Corporate Office – 727-940-5211 x1
Corporate Fax – 727-940-5819
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