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By Jamie Gorski Why do winners win? How do you become a self-made winner? Winners work hard at learning from other winners. It is up to you to learn from these examples and become a self-made winner. Here’s what I’ve learned from other winners. 1.    Persistence “Keep on going and the chances are you […]

None of us want to pay more money for the apartment or house we are renting. Most of us have trouble increasing our customers’ prices when we ask for a new renewal commitment. One of the things I’ve learned is that perception is reality. So the key to raising the rents while keeping resident retention […] embraces virtual communication through new Layar mobile application Apartment seekers can search thousands of apartment listings through the world’s first augmented reality browser, anchor Web site of For Rent Media Solutions™,  has launched an augmented reality Layar mobile application. The application lets apartment seekers view their current location through the camera of […]

Holisticly streamline transparent methodologies after team building growth strategies. Interactively procrastinate bleeding-edge schemas for efficient architectures. Globally promote vertical portals whereas error-free opportunities.

Helping the Hungry and/or Homeless: Help cook and/or serve a meal at homeless shelter. During National Nutrition month in March, organize a nutrition awareness campaign. Organize a food scavenger hunt to collect food for the needy. Alter and repair clothes for the needy, elderly and homeless. Gather clothing from your neighbor and donate it to […]

Kinetic Email uses transitions and animation to deliver key content. An example is an automatic sliding carousel with each slide displaying a different set of content. Kinetic Interactive. Kinetic email with the addition of elements that respond to user action.  One of the most exciting things I am working on is kinetic email. Designed to […]

  101 Secrets of Relationship Leasing! The first edition of Tami’s acclaimed “How To” for leasing more apartments and keeping more renters was released in 1999 and changed the careers and lives of thousands of Leasing Professionals! This new edition has been updated to create a new generation of front-line powerhouses … a MUST HAVE […]

Below, you’ll find a comprehensive list of  many designations available to members of the apartment industry. Simply click on any link below in order to access additional information. Please note that designations may have been introduced since this update, and fees or contact information may have changed. If you know of a designation that should […]

One of the most successful apartment marketing tactics that people have been using to generate more qualified apartment prospect leads is via apartment internet marketing. However, for most apartment managers they have no clue how to begin. The article below can help you start generating more apartment prospect leads on the Internet. Your apartment internet […]

Click here to download the entire newsletter amn201101 From the Newsletter: Revenue is the Key We all look at Occupancy Rates and Rental Rates for a sign of how a market is doing.  But how is that market doing if the Occupancy Rate comes down a little and the Rental Rates go up a bit? […]