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Monitoring Resident Conversations Like the apartment industry mantra about location, now it’s all about “data, data, data.” If you’re not tracking who’s having conversations about your apartment communities and whether those conversations are resulting in new leases, then you’re missing some of that data. Just think for a minute about the value you’d get from […]

  It is the first of the month, and you, the landlord, expect to have those rent checks coming in on time. Better yet, you expect that when they are deposited into your operating account, they won’t bounce. After all, you no doubt have a mortgage to pay, payroll to meet, and operating costs to […]

Essential Steps of the Leasing Process 1.  Effectively handle all requests for information about your community, including telephone,email, Internet and regular mail inquiries, with the goal of developing a relationship in order to persuade the future resident to visit the community personally and ultimately lease. 2.  Meet and greet future residents (at the front door […]

Apartments Reviews An Action Plan for Proactive Reputation Management By Tami Siewruk Nobody’s perfect. That’s a fact, not an excuse; which is why it’s crucial for apartment communities to realize that the way they handle apartment review management and resident complaints is every bit as important as trying to provide great service in the first […]

This is a great tool given to me by my Asset Manager to better manage my lease expirations with my traffic trends.  This idea took some getting used to because I was trained that we only offer 6 and 12-month lease terms. Those were the options no matter what month you leased an apartment home. With the Lease Expiration Board […]

by Tami Siewruk The last time you played “let’s pretend,” chances are you were only concerned with the three R’s (reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithmetic). This time, we’re going to play a grown-up game of let’s pretend, where you get to be the resident or future resident—and we’ve got four R’s of an apartment community’s to […]

By Tami Siewruk It’s time to start thinking about April’s apartment marketing and media communications calendar! As the weather starts to improve, we are all looking forward to the spring holidays, spring weddings, spring break, vacations, and prom. Here are a few ideas that I hope will get those wheels turning! Spring Savings! (No, I […]

This is NO DOUBT the next phase of REAL TIME conversational engagement, true Web3.0 stuff. If you have anything to do with Real Estate, you can’t miss

The Leasing Professionals Guide to Eliminating Concessions, Raising Rents and Selling Rent Increases Every Time By Tami L. Siewruk THE BOOK: This comprehensive program starts with the definitive book on raising rents, eliminating concessions and selling rent increases in multifamily communities, sourced from over 30 years of multifamily experience and across-the-board expertise. From presenting financial […]

What Your Customers Really Want (Hint: It’s Not Just Price!) Does your business have what it takes to consistently win in today’s market? How about keeping your customers loyal? If you think the price of your products or services is the reason you are attracting or not attracting and maintaining customers, think again. Today’s customers […]