How to Turn Dull into Dynamic! By Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE The executive gets up to speak. Everyone there needs to hear what he has to say about the company but within ten minutes; they are either hopelessly confused or falling asleep. What is he doing wrong? Whenever you open your mouth, whether your audience […]

A recent nationwide study of rents and occupancy, conducted by RealFacts for 2Q09, reveal that renters are showing resistance to paying a premium to rent an apartment in a high-end market. Rents were in decline in every market nationwide in the current quarter except for a few modest increases in Tampa-St Petersburg, FL at 1.2%; […]

On July 24, 2009, the current Federal Minimum Wage rate of $6.55 per hour will increase to $7.25 per hour. All covered employers, regardless of size, are required to post the most recent Minimum Wage poster, even if your state’s minimum wage differs. This is a good time to make sure you’re also displaying the […]

Employment Odds Favor Social Media Addicts Beverly Hills, CA – It pays to be a regular user of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Employers are searching for people who are “addicted” to these sites, because social media is the cheapest and most effective way for brands to build their reputations. Your odds of getting a job […]

A real Social Media CHALLANGE has become apparent in the past couple of days, evidenced by a certain management company that’s taking a lot of heat in the media, both on- and off-line. So how does a company respond adeptly, in real time, to controversy in this new world? Managing your reputation effectively in the […]

We all know that every day that an apartment remains vacant, the more potential income we lose. Just ten years ago, you’d post a listing to your newspaper classifieds. Now, there’s social media and Craigslist, but managing even those real-time media takes time, especially if you are managing multiple properties. RentShout combines social media distribution […]

Your cell phone is a apartment leasing  tool… In the early days of cell phones, they were used merely for talking. Today, cell phones have a myriad of other  leasing applications. For many people, their cell phone is their daily organizer, music player, camera, GPS system, and news and weather device. But that’s just the […]

This is NO DOUBT the next phase of REAL TIME conversational engagement, true Web3.0 stuff. If you have anything to do with Real Estate, you can’t miss

Mobile applications, or apps and even Free Game Memberships for short, are the future for today’s businesses. While many people associate apps for the iPhone, Blackberry, and Google Android devices as simply fun and games, the fact is that any business can create an app that generates customer interest, garners client loyalty, and positions your […]

(And Other Soft Market Tips) By Doug Chasick, CPM®, CAPS, CAS, Adv. RAM, CLP, SLE Here’s a PROVEN strategy to deal with Resident turnover in a soft market. I’ve used it many times and it has always worked better than sending out renewal letters when my market disappeared! This idea is based on my belief […]