We all know that one important part of traffic generation is outreach marketing; building relationships with area employers, locators, and other community organizations in the hopes that they will send apartment-seekers our way. We also know that there is much more to successful outreach marketing than simply dropping off some brochures or bringing in the […]

Part One of Three:  Review the Leasing Process Over the years, several different leasing approaches and philosophies have come and gone. Our industry has changed, and more importantly, so have the people we serve. Though many of the techniques that we used in the past are still valid, many others are no longer effective. Where […]

Anyone Can Lease Apartments If you can read this, you can lease. If you have the desire to, you can lease. If you learn, practice and apply the necessary skills, you can lease! Leasing is just like riding a bike, playing tennis, and swimming, using a computer or any other skill that can be acquired. […]

Essential Steps of the Leasing Process 1.  Effectively handle all requests for information about your community, including telephone,email, Internet and regular mail inquiries, with the goal of developing a relationship in order to persuade the future resident to visit the community personally and ultimately lease. 2.  Meet and greet future residents (at the front door […]

It’s probably happened many times – someone comes into your leasing office and you think, “No one could lease to that person!”  Well, in today’s competitive apartment leasing environment, you have to be able to lease to anyone.  And, believe it or not, it can be done.  All it takes is the right information and […]

A few years ago at one of the  Brainstorming Educational Sessions  “Practical Leasing Strategies, Creative Marketing Ideas and Proven Management Techniques from Across the USA.”  was presented by Donna Olson of Olson Training, Kara Rice of Gracehill, and Rebecca Rosario of Full House Marketing, this sessions was both entertaining and idea-packed as it took attendees […]

By Tami Siewruk Warfare is one of the most common analogies used to describe the marketing process.  Most of us have read books and articles with titles like “Guerilla Marketing” or “Strategic Marketing”, and most of us suspect (especially when budgeting time rolls around) that our corporate conference rooms aren’t that different from military command […]

Big Fish, Little Fish: Politics By Tami L Siewruk Office politics are often not discussed, acknowledged or even recognized. But in recent years reasonable and responsible office politics have been acknowledged as great skills in the business world. It is likewise known that negative, deceptive and unethical practices can lead to disaster in the workplace. […]

By Tami Siewruk Anyone who has known me, including our long-time Sales and Marketing Magic subscribers, can attest that “leasing with concessions” is practically an expletive in my vocabulary.  Choosing whether or not to offer leasing concessions is often not a decision you or a supervisor makes rather it is one that the market dictates […]

Part ONE: You lost me at Hello! There is a culture shift today between businesses and the customer. This transition is from commercial to social, from product to relationship.  Marketing success is requiring businesses to convert well-calculated commercial messages into an authentic human voice spoken from a word of mouth ambassador. Social does not simply […]