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Today, I came across this an article that a dear friend of ours wrote years ago and it is still very appropriate for today. Enjoy! by Frank Basile Have you ever had days when you worked hard but seemed to accomplish nothing? If so, welcome to the human race! Unfortunately, we all have days like this. […]

“YOUR COMPETITION COSTS LESS” This is the objection most likely to strike fear into the hearts of an unprepared leasing consultant. First, be certain that the future resident is really considering value, rather than just comparing price. Guide them through a fair “apples to apples” comparison of features and benefits that shows where you have […]

The spirit of graffiti is alive and well on Facebook, so release your inner tagger and get ready for awesome new weekly contests to WIN all kinds of fun things including FREE registration to one of our Premium Subscription shows like Leasing @ Current Market Rents with Toni Blake and Tami Siewruk; Everything Everyday! with […]

Progressively negotiate cross-media content before customer directed catalysts for change. Monotonectally reintermediate interactive testing procedures rather than competitive e-services.

This post is a special shout out to Megan Kapijimpanga and her team at Village Crossing at Chino Hills, who took the time to share her thoughts. Megan writes, “I just wanted you and Toni and everyone else to know how our lives have been affected in such a positive way since Monday, 3/28, Episode […]

Great article to get into the hands of your residents from When it makes sense to rent In 2004, Tim Jones bought a little piece of the American dream: a modest three-bedroom home in Bend, Ore., that went for $218,000. Three years later he married and was ready for phase two of the dream: […]

Good Management CREATES Good Employees By Charlyne Meinhard You can hire the right employees for your business, but if your managers don’t manage them well, those good employees may wind up messing up, rather than stepping up. Jen and Tim are managers of two totally different functions within Mid-Road Company, but they share the same […]

Does your business have what it takes to consistently win in today’s market?  How about keeping your customers loyal?  If you think the price of your products or services is the reason you are attracting or not attracting and maintaining customers, think again.  Today’s customers are savvy and want much more from their relationship with […]

Assembly Line: “You are a number, apartment 5B, and we are here to process you.” Characteristics: timely, efficient, uniform, insensitive, uninterested Friendly Zoo: “We are trying hard, but we don’t know what we’re doing.” Characteristics: friendly, interested, tactful, personable, inconsistent, disorganized, no follow-up Winter: “We don’t care.” Characteristics: cold, impersonal, aloof, uninterested, inconvenient, slow, disorganized […]