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To participate in this year’s Brainstorming Sessions it is a requirement that you bring your laptop or other connected tool to participate. Why? I spent the two years studying the brainstorming process to develop a system that educates and produces new ideas and useful opinions. We refine the event every year and are able to guarantee that every single person attending regardless of their position would walk away with new skills, tools, resources and  fresh powerful ideas and solutions to our industry’s toughest challenges.

Every attendee will join the event with bold and collaborative activities for each session.

Note don’t let this tech speak scare you: Laptops, net books or chrome books in use today meet the technical requirements of this event if they run a Flash enabled browser.

Have you ever noticed that while you are learning, ideas pop into your mind?

 We Educate and Brainstorm at the same time.

Flow versus reflection.  Associative thinking.  Quantity and quality.  Prioritization.

Government Ideas for Multifamily Involvement

This year we will Educate and Brainstorm at the same time.

Simply ask the Brainstorm question and ideas, opinions or facts will come pouring into your head.

With the new brainstorming system we will be connected with everyone in the room and the Ideas will be immediately visible on the big screen. This new approach will immediately trigger fresh ideas or aspects that we would not have thought of without the help of everyone in the room. Contributions are anonymous generating even more freedom to share ideas, thoughts and opinions.

Multifamilypro's Brainstorming Sessions

Multifamilypro’s Brainstorming Sessions

We have removed the communication killers, removed the uncomfortable feeling that we all have when sharing an idea that could be shot down. Provided anonymity and interactivity to enable idea flow which is so often missing from traditional brainstorming sessions. We will build on everyone’s ideas, 150 to 200 ideas in 20 minutes is not uncommon with this new approach.

Another advantage over our traditional brainstorming method is that participants can comment on ideas in real time. This doesn’t interrupt anyone and captures useful information that would otherwise be lost.

All the Ideas will be easily organized in folders and then exported to Excel and word files for each and every session.


You are invited to co-create the MultifamilyPro Brainstorming Journal. Where you will join 100’s of others. You can:

  • Add your thoughts
  • Comment and “like” others’ contributions
  • Add photos of the best moments
  • Quote speakers or and important verbatim of a discussion in your subgroup

I personally guarantee that if after this event and implementing the ideas gained that if you can’t outperform your competitors, we will refund 100% of the registration fee. Yes, you read that correctly.

We Will Organize the List of Contributions.

Once all contributions are in, we will be able to switch to categorization swiftly while everything we have done together shows on the brainstorming rooms large screens.

Together we can sort or rearrange ideas. This makes a world of difference when compared to paper-based brainstorming where too many ideas quickly become a headache and as previous attendees know a challenge to read.

In our new system, cleaning up the list is easy. Merge duplicates by ‘dropping’ one idea on another. Then we copy the ideas to a rating sheet. Together we will rate the ideas on a knock-out criterion to identify contributions which are worthy of further action.

Brainstorm is self-documenting. The results are included in a word report. In other words each session is now available in a complete and organized word document.

Associative thinking.  At first, participants respond to the brainstorming question, then to the contributions of others as they flow in. This triggers related ideas or other ideas which take off at a tangent or gives rise to insights which would have been forgotten or would have surfaced only much later, lost for the purpose of the session. In our all new sessions we will capture great idea that would have been lost.

Flow versus reflection. For the ‘flow’ and dynamics that spark creativity, our new format of Brainstorm activity will be same-time. Where the need for ‘reflection’ is more important than spontaneity, Our Brainstorming sessions will allow participants to contribute in their own time, ‘any time during the session at their convenience. This is perfect for me because my best ideas always come minutes later in the conversation.

Quantity and quality. Our groups  will reliably produce ideas which astound us both in quantity and quality. 150 to 200 ideas in 25 minutes are common with this new technique. This is not surprising since it is so much easier to contribute if you do not have to wait your turn or consider personal consequences of offering a thought. It is also much easier to keep an open mind and build on somebody else’s contribution if you can take ideas, opinions or facts purely on their merit and not based on who said them.

Theming. The large number of ideas routinely produced in our old brainstorming sessions would often overwhelm the possibilities of conventional paper-based facilitation. Fortunately, computers are quite good at reorganizing information. Duplicate ideas are merged in this new system that trigger even more ideas rapidly.

Prioritization. The process of brainstorming implies that many ideas are mere steps or building blocks for other ideas which improve on and supersede them. Ideas, opinions or facts which warrant further attention are available to everyone to contribute. Meaning we can have 5 conversation going on at one time. Imagine That!

Join us this year to achieve a competitive advantage!

Join us this year to achieve a competitive advantage!

Main Event & Executive Event Registration Fee is $769. per person

Multiple Attendee Discount Rates:
Register 2-5 attendees and receive $150. off each registration
Register 6-10 attendees and receive $250. off each registration
Register 11-15 attendees and receive $300. off each registration
Register 16 or more attendees and receive $400. off each registration

Call 727.940.5211 x1 to get your multiple attendee registration discount code BEFORE you register!

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