SEO Workshop

Apartment Marketing


2021 Live Zoom, Highly Interactive SEO Workshop 

Available in both private workshops and group workshop

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Limited to 9 people in a Group Workshop Zoom Registration Fee is $990. per person

Limited to 9 people in a Private Workshop Zoom Registration Fee is $ 4,500 per group.

                  Presented by: Tami Siewruk, Chief Imagination Officer, Multifamilypro

Everyone talks about the apartment marketing potential of SEO and social media, but hardly anyone knows the secrets of using it with success. 

How is this done? How do we get our apartment communities ranking on the first page on Google, Yahoo and Bing? What tools do we need and how do we use them to develop and disseminate that information, get more traffic flooding in the front doors of our offices and even more engaged residents on board to keep the content cycle going strong? By the time you complete this workshop, you will understand the core terminology and processes used by SEOs. You’ll never look at a search engine results page the same way again! You’ll learn how to identify search intent based on the results of any search query, and what that means in terms of competition or opportunity. You’ll also achieve an understanding of what website content works best for various phases of the leasing funnel.


In this intensive beginners to intermediate workshop you’ll learn:

  • How to talk to the IT Department and website designers. They are not typically SEO trained and need your help
  • Understand the scope of search engine optimization initiatives
  • Make effective, key decisions regarding SEO requirements and the organization’s overall business objectives
  • How to evaluate your website for ranking and the steps it takes to increase ranking
  • Content that makes people click
  • Identifying and using keywords, meta tags and alt titles with amazing results
  • The 5 most import elements of every community website for driving revenue and rentals
  • The 8-parts to search engine optimization you didn’t know you knew and how to use it to drive apartment community income

On the technical end you’ll learn:

What Search Engine Optimization is, How Search Engines work, Organic Versus Paid Search, Anatomy of a Search Results Page, Why apply SEO to your website, How to implement SEO, The benefits of doing SEO, Examining a stress-free system for doing SEO work, Google trends, Making your content effective, Google algorithm changes and SEO strategy, Google Business listing and why you have to work it every week and Google Webmaster Tools.

Linking strategies through External and Internal linking. Key Concepts: Authority, relevancy and page rank, a comparison of various links.

Types of Links: Understanding link diversity, authority site links, building links externally to your site, SEO strategy for cleaning up links, tips for finding links and try a link discovery tool.

The Power of Internal Links: Internal linking strategies, HTML sitemaps, XML sitemaps, directory style sitemaps, no follow attribute, absolute versus relative links, disavowing links and how to stay out of trouble with search engines.

Getting the Most Out of Your Blog: Blogging and SEO, optimizing your blog posts, WordPress and SEO, tips for increasing your chances for popular posts, understanding the value of Trackbacks, how to set up and use Trackbacks, Blog resources and Blog search engines.

Advanced Keyword Research: Keyword forensic analysis, other advanced keyword research tips, semantic search, resource links, Google Local, Google Local – photos, videos and more.

Video SEO: Optimizing your videos, video SEO, keywords for video, create a video sitemap, mobile search and SEO, mobile SEO strategies and personalization of search.

How modern SEO fits into your digital strategy, and the foundational concepts you’ll need to organize your research!

This workshop will show you how search engines find and analyze your website. You will be able to use this information to analyze your website and build content that search engines will love. You’ll also learn about the most common search engine algorithms, including how they’re evolving.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Define the five stages of the SEO Methodology and their associated tasks
  2. Describe the three primary types of search intent as they relate to the leasing funnel
  3. Match keywords and SERPs to search intent
  4. Identify common SERP attributes and trends
  5. Explain the crawling and indexing process
  6. Describe how changes to Google’s algorithm have affected SEO practices

Measuring What’s Important: KPI’s.

Don’t miss the opportunity of your career to gain that cutting, competitive edge everyone wants from today’s technology tools.

Together we’ll explore the world of opportunity that content represents and then actually create dynamite content that you can start using right away to engage residents and prospects and drive more traffic, NOW!


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