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  • Mega Sessions and Concurrent Sessions: These sessions are the educational backbone of the event and vary from 60 to 90 minutes depending on the topic. In addition we will  brainstorm our 2019 strategies after each session.
  • Preconference Workshops: These six-hour workshops are held before the Brainstorming Sessions and allow for in-depth discussion and learning new approaches, best practices and provide practical takeaways for our attendees.
  • Smart Stage Sessions: These 18-minute sessions cover a wide variety of topics including tips in leasing, marketing and management and provides content that is concise, given the short duration of these sessions.

Today’s Apartment Leasing, Marketing & Management

Delivered in Three Parts

Part One: Presented by: Matt Easton, EVP and David Metzel, Digital Marketing Director, MultiFamily Traffic

Attend Today’s Apartment Leasing and establish a solid foundation of skills that assist you in becoming a better Leasing Manager and will have you closing and renewing more leases immediately. Build trust and exude credibility for stronger and more profitable relationships with your future residents. Learn leasing tips, tactics, strategies and techniques that are guaranteed to retain today’s consumer’s and work in today’s market conditions. Lease smart and with unmistakable confidence using the most current leasing tools! Celebrate a measurable increase in your renewals and closing ratios and replace frustration with continual inspiration! Master the best practices of leasing and renewing to reach your goals and set the bar higher … far beyond what you previously thought possible. Fall in love with how great it feels to lease confidently and skillfully without incentives and concessions!

Part Two: Presented by: Cynthiann King, Chief Training & Development Officer, C King Services and Panel

Attend Today’s Apartment Management and establish a solid foundation of skills that will assist you in becoming a better manager. What is needed to increase that bottom line may not be clear-cut, but certain skills go a long way to ensure that any community is on the right track and has what it takes to succeed. Apartment Managers hold the key to leading employees in the direction the community or assets need to go. That’s because managers wear many hats as we often hear in this industry. In this session, we will focus on five skills that will make an impact on your career and the value of the asset. Multi-tasking. The best managers multi-task and balance those priorities without losing productivity. Learn tips, tools, strategies and skills that will not only save time but help you get it all done. Decision-making. The ability to evaluate and decide is crucial to being a successful manager. Leadership. The best managers know how to get the most out of their employees while building them up in the process. Motivation goes hand-in-hand with leadership. To be effective as a manager, being able to motivate employees is a must. Setting practical goals will keep the employee focused on the long-term success of your company. Financial Skills. A manager must be able to look for areas in which the community can be improved. What are the signals? Streamlining procedures and cutting costs are two ways a manager demonstrates this skill. Learn the methods. Effective Communication. Without communication skills, managers are ineffective. Only a small percentage of communication is the spoken word. The best managers have developed the ability not only to communicate the points they are trying to make but also to listen to those around them genuinely. Most bad reviews, upset residents and employees come from lack of communication.

Part Three:

Presented by: Tami Siewruk, Chief Imagination Officer, Multifamilypro

Attend Today’s Apartment Marketing and establish a solid foundation of skills that will assist you in becoming a better manager in the marketing function. Learn tips, tools, strategies and skills that will not only save time but help you get it all done. With so many skills needed for marketing, it can feel overwhelming, however, in this session we’ll narrow it down to a few of the essential skills. We will teach you how to use the most successful marketing tools and why you need to use them right away. One of the skills we will work on is outbound marketing covering how,  when and why to achieve the results you need to generate more leads from the sources you already have.

Maintenance Staffing: Strategies to Resolve Our Industry’s Pain Point

Presented by: Mary Gwyn CPM, Chief Innovator, Apartment Dynamics and Pattie Woods, VP Training and Development, Fogelman Properties

Property Managers all over the country say that staffing their Maintenance positions is one of their biggest pain points. Without Maintenance staff, customer service and operations suffer while repair costs by contractors spiral. Like the Dirty Jobs star says, “we need more people engaged in skilled trades!” You won’t want to miss this innovative and entertaining session packed with strategies for finding and “growing your own” Maintenance employees, as well as implementable solutions for recruiting, training, and retaining Service Team members.

Learning Objectives:

1. Learn new and creative ways to fill maintenance vacancies, and onboard maintenance team members more effectively.
2. Identify ways to retain, engage and motivate Maintenance Staff based on results from a national Maintenance Professionals survey.
3. Gain an understanding of strategically investing in maintenance recruiting, onboarding and training.

Voice Control for Leasing, Marketing and Management

Presented by: Kristi Fickert, Vice President of Marketing & Training, 30 Lines

Attend this session and then we will brainstorm our 2019 strategies

Amazon’s runaway success, Alexa, is now available for businesses. According to their website, Alexa can:

  • Help you at your desk
  • Simplify conference rooms
  • Help around the office
  • Add voice to your apartments and services
  • Rank your apartments

Is that good or bad? Voice-controlled devices became popular at home in recent years, will they become popular at work in 2019? Voice-controlled devices are great for helping with self-service and connected back-end bots, so they may have positive applications in our communities. Learn how apartment communities can use voice tools to lease, market and manage. These devices can be “always listening”, which may raise privacy concerns in the workplace that might have been less concerning in the home. What do we need to keep an eye on? Join us and walk away with your own set of tools.

Effective Lead Generation Strategies

Attend this 2 hour session and then we will brainstorm our 2019 strategies

By bridging the gaps in your knowledge we can show you how to get the most out of any of these approaches:

  1. Surveillance capitalism
  2. Affinity marketing
  3. Blogs
  4. Database Marketing
  5. Demonstrations
  6. Link Building
  7. Mini Media
  8. Paid Search
  9. Postcard
  10. Product Placement USP
  11. Promotions/Events
  12. Reactivate Old Leads
  13. Leasing People
  14. Search Engine Optimization
  15. Social Media Visibility
  16. Testimonials
  17. Viral Marketing
  18. Websites
  19. ChatBots

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) — What Can I Do? Delivered by a Google Marketing Expert.

Presented by: Mike Wittmann, Senior Business Advisor, Rentping

Attend this session and then we will brainstorm our 2019 strategies

SEO is a marketing discipline focused on growing visibility in organic (non-paid) search engine results. SEO encompasses both the technical and creative elements required to improve rankings, drive traffic and increase awareness in search engines. There are MANY aspects to SEO, from the words on your website, the way other sites link to you to reviews and social media. Sometimes SEO is simply a matter of making certain your team is using the correct methods in the daily things they do.

This session is designed to describe all areas of SEO—from finding the terms and phrases (keywords) that generate traffic to your website, making your website friendly to search engines, building links, to marketing the unique value of your community. If you are confused about all this stuff, you are not alone, and we’re here to help.

What is a Google Marketing Expert? Our speaker is a master at communication strategies, brand development, tools for web and mobile apps and distribution – including (but not limited to) SEO, SEM, social media, growth hacking, Google Play Services and data analysis. They know how to build a clear value proposition and apply follow-up strategies that give app developers, startups and companies the momentum they need.

Beyond Resident Referrals

How to Make Your Community of Residents Your Most Effective Apartment Marketing Partner

How can we encourage our favorite Residents to become Brand Evangelists? We use traditional Apartment marketing tactics (and some that aren’t even old enough to be “traditional” yet) to send a one-way advertising message to our resident Brand Evangelists who chat us up to their friends. Are we empowering them to communicate a message to potential residents? For example, when we send them a resident referral message offering to pay them when they refer someone to our community, that’s one–way marketing and there is a chance it will work and a chance that it won’t! BUT most of us have been taking that chance for years! In this session you and your team will learn how to move beyond the traditional resident referral programs and utilize many different techniques and strategies that are available to us today that allow us the ability to tap into the most powerful marketing resource we have OUR RESIDENTS! Attend this session and walk away with your 2019 plan.

Google AdWords

Wednesday, November 16, 2018 | Presented by: Bryan Bailey, certified in all Google AdWords certifications and formerly worked at Google for AdWords

This program will be delivered in three sessions: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced

Beginner AdWords: If you are a new user of AdWords or feel that you haven’t had adequate training and have not yet mastered the basics, this workshop will be invaluable. Bryan will teach you how to most effectively set up your AdWords implementation and continue to maintain and optimize it. You’ll learn how to clean up an existing account that you may have inherited or how to start a new account from scratch.

Intermediate AdWords: This workshop will expand on the basics to show you how to make the best use of the tools, reports and features within AdWords. We’ll cover reporting, diagnostic and campaign expansion tools, and paid search optimization techniques as well as focus on budget, keywords, ad copy and landing pages. You will also learn the account management skills that will allow you to run highly effective AdWords campaigns.

Advanced AdWords: In this workshop you’ll learn how to make the best use of Programmatic Display. We’ll cover push marketing that will allow you to effectively find new residents, even when they’re not looking for you! With the added focus on display ad creation, interests, remarketing and demographics, you will learn the management skills that will allow you to run highly effective Google AdWords display campaigns.

Google Analytics:

Thursday, November 16, 2018 | Presented by: Bryan Bailey, certified in all Google AdWords certifications and formerly worked at Google for AdWords

This program will be delivered in three sessions: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced

Beginner Analytics:

Intermediate Analytics:

Advanced Analytics:

Ideas, Tips, Tools and Resources!

10:00 am – 12:00 noon | Friday, November 16, 2018 | Moderated by: Anne Sadovsky, Professional Speaker/Consultant with panelists: Debbie Balaker, Director of Marketing, DTN Management Co., Sue Brust, Director of Systems Management, NP Dodge, Mary Gwyn, Chief Innovator, Apartment Dynamics, Joe Kaye, Sr. Director of Sales, NRG, Cynthiann King, Chief Training & Development Officer, C King ServicesDonna Olson, National Speaker/Consultant/Trainer, Olson Training and Pattie Woods, VP Training and Development, Fogelman Properties.

Don’t walk away from Brainstorming without taking advantage of this amazing opportunity to hear Ideas, Tips, Tools and Resources! Spend Friday morning with more of the very top experts in our industry feeding you a rapid-fire barrage of amazing ideas and strategies one after the other, INCLUDING the resources you’ll need to put them into immediate action! This session is an event favorite and the 120 minutes you’ll spend here will be one of your best experiences of the week! We’ll see you there!!!

Smart Stage Sessions:

Virtual Reality Tour and 3D Tours | Presented by: Debbie Balaker, Director of Marketing, DTN Management Co.

Immerse your prospects in an apartment with 3D and Virtual Reality (VR) tours using a compatible mobile device such as an iPhone or Android phone paired with a VR headset. The 3D and VR tours are produced by strategically placing specialized cameras throughout an apartment, resulting in a transformative way for people to view apartments online, at events or on marketing calls. Cost from $30 to $150. to implement.

Internal Outreach | Presented by: Tracy Cherry, Regional, Zumper

Your community is the best place to kick-off internal outreach. Start with your residents; word of mouth is still key in our marketing world. Tracy will show you ways to kick-off or enhance your resident referral program along with other internal outreach ideas. Cost from $0 to $200. for implementation.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work | Presented by: Sandi LaManna, Resident Services Manager,Washington University in St. Louis/ Quadrangle Housing

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” Andrew Carnegie

Regardless of the state of your existing team you can create a team environment that engages. Have you created your own dream team?  Attend this Smart Session with Sandi and learn from tried and proven techniques to foster that team environment. Ideas from free to $500.

Identifying and Implementing a Common Neighborhood Theme in your Community | Presented by: Kristin Sanders, Marketing & Training Director/ Regional Manager, Wesley Apartment Homes

How to Identify a theme within your community’s surrounding area and incorporating this theme into your community brand. This is a forever marketing tool to help prospective residents and residents remember your community. Cost: $50 – $1000 depending on theme or concept.

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