Google My Business For Apartments

Most apartment communities picture Google My Business (GMB) as a listing that allows your apartment community a local directory listing like the old yellow pages. This is true – GMB is a great tool to use to get your business address, phone number, reviews, website, and more in front of potential residents–but it also does so MUCH more!

With Google My Business for apartments workshop, you can set your apartments apart from the competitors and show up when people search for apartments in your area. The whole strategy is to be ahead of your competitors in search.

Benefit #1:  Google Maps Searches

Benefit #2: Google’s Local Pack

Benefit #3: Earn Trust From Future Residents

Benefit #4:  Ratings Boost Your Leads

Benefit #5: Increase Traffic and Leases

Benefit #6: Learn More About Your Leads and Targeting

Benefit #7: Rank Higher in Google Search Results

Benefit #8: Increase Engagement

Benefit #9: Free Google Advertising

Benefit #10: Stand Out from Competitors

Benefit #11: Free Marketing Resources including a Website

Google My Business

It’s EASY once you know how to maximize the GMB platform.

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We can help you take advantage of the great features available on GMB! In this workshop, we’ll create an online presence for your apartment community that optimizes the return on your marketing investment. We have the resources, proven experience, and creativity to help you create a compelling listing for your potential residents so they call or visit. Stay ahead of your competitors in search.

This workshop will help you create or improve a profile that will generate more guaranteed leads or your money back!

You Will Learn:


  • How to Interpret Google My Business (GMB) Insights.
  • Why Google My Business (GMB) Very Well Might Be More Important Than Your Website.
  • How to Rank Higher in Google Search Results using GMB.
  • How to Set Up a FREE Website and make it rank on page one of Google.
  • 7 GMB Tools Apartment Marketers Aren’t Using and Why They Should.
  • How To Get Free Google Advertising.
  • How to Respond to Reviews for Aiming for a Higher Google Ranking.
  • Why Photos on GMB Are Important and What You Need to Do Before Uploading Them.
  • What is included in a “Google My Business” listing?
  • Why Google My Business Listings are Important for Mobile Searches.
  • How GMB Helps or Hurts The Community Reputation through Reviews, Questions and Photos.
  • Why You Need to Update Your Google My Business Listing Weekly.
  • Learn More About Your Leads and Targeting.