Balcony or Garden of the Month Club

Balcony or Garden of the Month Club
Theme: Balcony/Garden of the Month Club
Visuals: Plants, flowers, pots
Media: Flyers and our community newsletter
Implementation: Several of our residents suggested that we allow an area on our property for a community garden. I didn’t want to till up a large area of our property…so, I sent out flyers that we were implementing a garden/balcony of the month club. Residents are allowed to use the flowerbeds under the stairs (which were completely barren) and tastefully add flowers, hanging baskets, etc. to their balconies. They can get with their neighbors and plant a garden together, or whatever they like it just had to be done tastefully and to our standards and approval. We judge every month. The winners (one balcony winner and one garden winner) receive a sign that says either Balcony of the Month or Garden of the Month. The sign is staked in their garden or hung over their balcony all month long.
Cost: 15.00
Results: We have had so many compliments on our landscaping. Our green thumb residents have never been happier. We have had prospects lease with the assumption that we have little turnover because our residents seem so established and take so much pride in the exterior of their apartment homes.
Deanna Hymel Arbor Properties