Apartment ManagementManagement Strategies, Ideas, Tips and Tools
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101 Secrets of Relationship Leasing!
The first edition of Tami’s acclaimed “How To” for leasing more apartments and keeping more renters was released in 1999 and changed the careers and lives of thousands of Leasing Professionals! This new edition has been updated to create a new generation of front-line powerhouses … a MUST HAVE if you’re looking to improve your leasing success or that of your team! Share in the experiences and lessons learned from more than thirty years of successful career experience. It’s packed with guidance, insight, proven strategies, measurement tools, exercises and more; and each chapter ends with a concise summary to help you wrap your brain around the key take-aways. You’ll discover and truly understand the importance of relationship-building and how to put it to work for you with fabulous results, and CLOSE MORE LEASES, STARTING NOW! It’s the single most important tool for your personal leasing arsenal or to put into the hands of your leasing team, guaranteed to equip anyone who reads it to lease like a seasoned pro! Order yours now at ONLY $49!

 The Leasing Professionals Guide to Eliminating Concessions, Raising Rents and Selling Rent Increases Every Time
By Tami L. Siewruk
THE BOOK: This comprehensive program starts with the definitive book on raising rents, eliminating concessions and selling rent increases in multifamily communities, sourced from over 30 years of multifamily experience and across-the-board expertise. From presenting financial terms in a way that you can finally wrap your brain around all the way to putting the finishing touch on a rent-raising renewal, this book will fully reveal the when, where, and how behind successfully raising rents, eliminating concessions and selling rent increases and will equip you to immediately begin achieving record revenues for your company and community! All for ONLY $49!