Apartment Management Management Strategies, Ideas, Tips and Tools
If you’re looking for the ultimate apartment management idea book, look no further because this is it! Featuring more than 380 pages, this incredible source book is jammed cover-to-cover with the best insider info you’ll find anywhere, covering the most important topics of our trade including management philosophy, values and ethics; best practices; fair housing and other legal issues; recruiting and hiring; personnel policies; financial management; marketing and public relations; leasing and retention; maintenance; safety and emergency planning, and much more! Equip yourself for super success with page after page of solid, ready-to-apply information including innovative and timeless ideas and advice from the leading minds of our industry, management strategies that have been proven to work time-after-time, insightful tips that will make your job as a management pro both easier and more effective, and practical tools designed to yield dramatically improved results. It’s THE book that every Multifamily Management Professional needs within easy reach, always. Get yours today!
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Management Strategies, Ideas, Tips and Tools ($47.)

Leasing Professional’s Portfolio
Now spiral bound for ease of use!
No matter what time of the year you start using it – you will have a full 12 months of use.
You won’t find a better gift for yourself or for each member of your Leasing Team this year than this amazing planning and tracking tool designed especially for Leasing Professionals to track and improve their productivity! Order now and start planning your way to better and more organized performance! More than just a really great daily calendar with plenty of room for recording appointments, this power-packed portfolio also includes worksheets for recording and tracking your overall, long-term career goals; your immediate weekly goals; managing your daily schedule; recording your daily number of calls and calls converted to shows, and number of shows and shows converted to leases; and it’s packed with Tami’s best leasing tips to help you improve your skill set along the way! Get one NOW for yourself or for every member of your leasing team and start making the most of every leasing day! Give a tool that keeps on giving every day—and not just to your Leasing Professionals, but to the success of your company and communities, too!
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Leasing Professional’s Portfolio – Softcover 8.25 x 10.75 ($29.95)

The Leasing Professionals Guide to Eliminating Concessions, Raising Rents and Selling Rent Increases Every Time
By Tami L. Siewruk
THE BOOK: This comprehensive program starts with the definitive book on raising rents, eliminating concessions and selling rent increases in multifamily communities, sourced from over 30 years of multifamily experience and across-the-board expertise. From presenting financial terms in a way that you can finally wrap your brain around all the way to putting the finishing touch on a rent-raising renewal, this book will fully reveal the when, where, and how behind successfully raising rents, eliminating concessions and selling rent increases and will equip you to immediately begin achieving record revenues for your company and community! Buy now and you’ll receive BONUS access to a wealth of downloadable tools and forms designed to support your efforts as well as access to a growing online repository of rent-raising and eliminating concessions resources! All for ONLY $49 … and, quantity discounts are available so you can share this invaluable resource with your team for barely a fraction of the dramatically increased dollars you’ll arm them to achieve!
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The Leasing Professionals Guide to Eliminating Concessions, Raising Rents and Selling Rent Increases Every Time ($49.)

101 Secrets of Relationship Leasing!
The first edition of Tami’s acclaimed “How To” for leasing more apartments and keeping more renters was released in 1999 and changed the careers and lives of thousands of Leasing Professionals! This new edition has been updated to create a new generation of front-line powerhouses … a MUST HAVE if you’re looking to improve your leasing success or that of your team! Share in the experiences and lessons learned from more than thirty years of successful career experience. It’s packed with guidance, insight, proven strategies, measurement tools, exercises and more; and each chapter ends with a concise summary to help you wrap your brain around the key take-aways. You’ll discover and truly understand the importance of relationship-building and how to put it to work for you with fabulous results, and CLOSE MORE LEASES, STARTING NOW! It’s the single most important tool for your personal leasing arsenal or to put into the hands of your leasing team, guaranteed to equip anyone who reads it to lease like a seasoned pro! Order yours now!
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101 Secrets of Relationship Leasing ($29.95)

The BIG Book of Proven Traffic Generation Ideas
This invaluable book will quickly become one of your very favorite resources with MORE THAN 500 pages of proven ideas to boost your traffic, starting NOW! These tried-and-true traffic generation ideas have been shared with us by Apartment Professionals from coast to coast. It’s positively JAMMED from cover-to-cover with HUNDREDS of ideas (including LOTS of low-budget ones!), tips, techniques, articles, tools, and more, designed specifically to generate more traffic now! These proven ideas will show you how others across the country have boosted referrals, raised awareness, generated positive publicity, created effective marketing campaigns, produced memorable events and marketing calls and brought in more (and more) qualified traffic. It’s the one traffic generation tool you can’t afford to be without! Order Your copy today!
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The Big Book of Proven Traffic Generation ($47.50)


The BIG BOOK of Proven Traffic Generation Ideas: Second Edition!
Just when you thought we’d already compiled more Traffic Generation ideas than you could possibly implement, we came up with MORE! This is the Second Edition of our amazing BIG BOOK of Proven Traffic Generation Ideas, representing hundreds MORE pages of proven traffic generators shared with us by Apartment Professionals from coast to coast. It’s positively JAMMED from cover-to-cover with HUNDREDS of ideas, tips, techniques, articles, tools and more for communities of all types, styles, and budgets! It’s the SECOND traffic generation tool you can’t afford to be without!
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The Big Book of Proven Traffic Generation II ($47.50)

Retention & Renewal Strategies, Ideas, Tips and Tools
Your residents are your most valuable resource, and keeping them is your most powerful strategy when it comes to ensuring your success; but residents are as diverse as the communities that they live in, so you need a many fold approach to serving and satisfying them and keeping them convinced to stay. That’s where this amazing book comes in … it’s packed cover to bursting cover with the best of the best resident retention and renewal ideas, tips, tools, and strategies that we’ve gained over many years, all in one absolutely indispensable volume that you’ll refer to time and time again. It’s worth it’s weight in gold and guaranteed to repay its cost thousands of times for years to come! Make it part of your retention strategy today!
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Retention & Renewal Strategies, Ideas, Tips and Tools 450 pages ($47.)


Multifamilypro’s Community Marketing Tracker
Now spiral bound for ease of use!
No matter what time of the year you start using it – you will have a full 12 months of use.
Organization and information are the keys to effectiveness, and that’s the idea behind our Community Marketing Tracker! Each volume is designed to help you gather all of your critical information together in one place to easily access and track your efforts throughout the New Year! This remarkable, 30-chapter volume has sections devoted to all of your community’s important marketing functions including print and internet advertising; billboards and signage; social media; locators; referrals; marketing calls, and much, much more! With a power-packed 470 pages of articles; handy checklists; amazing tips; and specialized forms for recording, analyzing, measuring, and more, there’s a place for everything so you can keep everything in its place! Store copies of your marketing materials, record resources, track data, and make more educated and informed decisions that will leverage and improve your marketing efforts across the board!
Not only will this terrific tool help you get a handle on and maximize your marketing throughout the year, but when the year is done, you’ll have a comprehensive, detailed record of a complete year of marketing efforts, resources, and results-month-by-month, and category-by-category, including advertising of all kinds, outreach, referrals, renewals, social marketing, and much, much more! It’s a marketing resource that no community can afford to be without, and a gift that will help ensure great marketing results throughout the year and beyond!
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Community Marketing Tracker ($47.50)


 Write a Winning Multifamily Marketing Plan
Write a Winning Multifamily Marketing Plan is a must-have companion guide to creating a successful marketing plan for your community! This book is designed to walk you through the entire process step-by-step while providing you with the tools, forms, and critical information needed to analyze and evaluate your community’s needs, define your plan, monitor its success, and improve and adjust as needed. You’ll learn the facts and real-world information needed to create not just your plan, but also the community ads, flyers, and direct mail programs, and social media strategies that will make it most effective. The book also includes an appendix of tools and forms to help you refine your plan, and a complete marketing plan written by Tami Siewruk for a community that she successfully developed and leased-up, personally!
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Note: This is the third email from Jolene with success stories from this book : “I took the advice Tami gave in her How To Write A Winning Marketing Plan on using our fax cover sheet’s as a marketing tool and it is working. We have sent out ten employment verification to employers using it and three people called asking for information from seeing the fax cover sheet. Jolene Sopalski”
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Write a Winning Multifamily Marketing Plan ($29.95)