Apartment Leasing

  • St. Patricks Day Special

    St. Patricks Day Special Theme: St. Patrick’s Day Special Visuals: There is a sign in the office that says “Congratulations you have successfully followed the rainbow to our community! Hidden within your new apartment home is our pot of gold. Be sure to look high and low. Find it and you will receive $50.00 off […]

  • Showcase Scrapbook

    Showcase Scrapbook Theme: Showcase your community Visuals: Display an oversized scrapbook with pictures of Resident Functions, Chamber Functions, Resident Activities, Contest Winners, Staff, Community Pets and Owners, Community Outreach…anything that demonstrates the sense of community that your apartment homes create among residents. Media: Scrapbooking stores are everywhere and supplies are available in office supply stores […]

  • Lost Money Reminder

    Lost Money Reminder Theme: Bonus money that is lost accumulates in front of you in a brandy glass. Visuals: Brandy Glass Play Money Dollar Signs Hand with money in it Media: Leasing Office Visual Implementation: We pay so much bonus money for each telephone conversion and lease, so every time the leasing consultant hangs up […]

  • Home Buyers Easy Lease Program

    Home Buyers Easy Lease Program Theme: Echelon “Home Buyers Easy Lease Program” Echelon Communities, LLC is proud to offer our “Home Buyers Easy Lease Program” to those looking to purchase or build a home while leasing. Echelon offers the freedom to lease without the limitations of being locked into a long-term lease. Benefits of Signing […]

  • Leasing Third Floor Apartments

    Leasing Third Floor Apartments Theme: Having a difficult time renting those 3rd floor apartments? They use to go like hotcakes and now they are the last ones to be rented. With the market changing and apartments being a stopping ground for homebuyers and homebuilders, first floor has become the popular choice!   Implementation: Change your […]

  • Leasing Office Powerpoint Program

    Leasing Office Powerpoint Program Theme: Leasing Office Powerpoint presentation (the subliminal sales message) Visuals: Gather all your key photos, logos, and selling points to create a custom Powerpoint presentation in the leasing office. As possible, photograph the models and social activities, and the community during different seasons. Always have the photos put on CD when […]

  • March Madness Leasing Incentive

    March Madness Leasing Incentive Leasing: NBA March Madness leasing incentive Estimated Cost: Varies depending on prizes awarded and size of leasing staff Results: Outstanding results. The properties had great closing ratios, team spirit and they filled all 64+ brackets of the board. It’s time for March Madness at Phoenix Properties!!! Another sport season is about […]

  • Availability Cards

    Availability Cards Theme: When leasing at a lease-up property, there is often a large pool of available units. In order to create value in a specific unit so that urgency can be created, I designed, printed, and displayed profile cards in the leasing area where prospects could look over the availability before or while speaking […]

  • Keep Your Occupancy Blooming

    Keep Your Occupancy Blooming Theme: “Keep Your Occupancies Blooming!!!” Focus: High Leasing Season Idea: We Implemented A Leasing Contest. The Prize: Beautiful Pansies Arrangement Awarded To The First Leasing Consultant To Close A Lease By Providing Free Roadside America Auto Assistance. Visuals: Distinctive, Bold Signage Presented In Pre-Contest Meeting With Onsite Staff. This Can Be […]

  • Wheel of Fortune Leasing & Renewal Contest

    Wheel of Fortune Leasing & Renewal Contest Great Idea Exchange Sales and Marketing Magic Marketing Statement Headquartered in Boston’s Historic Faneuil Hall, Winn companies develops acquires and manages multifamily and mixed income properties throughout the United States. Winn has challenges everyday, much like other management companies as we are so spread out? Employee retention and […]

  • Rent the Model

    Rent the Model Theme: We in the industry have all seen model apartments that in most instances do not connect with our customers. Also the model is usually set up in a two-bedroom apartment for life. The income loss for the model runs into six figures when you figure out the annual rent x ten […]

  • Leasing Olympics

    Leasing Olympics Theme: Leasing Olympics Visuals: Olympics logo expanded to seven rings to represent each of seven teams in our competition. Media: e-mail Implementation: For the last two years, we implemented expensive advertising campaigns ($200,000+) to try and drive more traffic to our communities. Despite our efforts, traffic/leases were typical. This year, we decided to […]

  • Hot Lead Follow Up

    Hot Lead Follow Up Theme: Taking follow up to a new level! Visuals: Small gifts were made up with property logos abound on cups, pencils, post-its, candy, etc. Implementation: When a leasing consultant is unable to close the lease, yet feels that the prospect is definitely interested in the apartment, we then follow up with […]

  • Fitness Leasing Campaign

    Fitness Leasing Campaign Theme: Leasing Campaign, This program was a month-long campaign to focus on areas of leasing that could help increase occupancy during the start of the leasing season. The campaign ran March 1st through the end of March. The campaign was based on a fitness theme entitled Glick Gym and each week we […]

  • Break the Bank

    Break the Bank Theme: Increase leasing efforts on-site by using a toy safe as a game to motivate staff to see who can be the first to “break the bank” Visuals: A toy safe can be purchased at any toy store to be used for the game. Implementation: My regional came up with the idea […]

  • Customer Service Call Center

    Customer Service Call Center We created a computerized call center to handle resident inquiries. The centralized approach enables our company to quickly and efficiently process every resident’s request while mapping trends and employee performance. This helps reduce redundancies in the workplace without sacrificing quality. — Michael Steiner, Assistant Vice, President, Hendersen-Webb Inc.

  • Instant Thank You….

    Name: Beverly Cowart Theme: Instant Thank You…. As most Management companies pay a leasing commission once a month after the new neighbor moves in, the consults have to wait for the MONEY. This idea is not new but we do continue to use the old ideas. We have a very pretty box and I continue […]

  • Gift Cards/Scavenger Hunt

    Name: Monica Topicz Email: mtopicz@druckerandfalk.com Company: Drucker & Falk Theme: Gift Cards/Scavenger Hunt: for any prospect that leases and move-ins by a dead line date. It works like this. The prospect visits the model and participates in a small easy scavenger hunt around the model. If they find all items they receive a small gift […]

  • Using the Leasing Professionals Portfolio

    Using the Leasing Professionals Portfolio By Toni Blake Oprah has made journaling a very popular part of capturing our thoughts and recognizing our blessings. More and more bookstores carry entire sections of beautifully bound books of blank paper. I have for several years been trying to get leasing people to record the daily discoveries of […]