• Superior Service

    Superior Service Navarro Exceeds Expectations When you work on-site at an apartment community, there are constant challenges, explains Danielle Navarro, a property manager at Crescent Apartments, a Lynd Co.-managed community in San Antonio. “Every day there is a new challenge because we are trying to satisfy the basic needs of people—their housing,” she says. “We […]

  • Team Approach

    Team Approach Nasife Works Hand-In-Hand with On-Site Team Josie Nasife knows the best way to handle a difficult situation is to maintain a positive outlook. As a regional manager for Charlotte, N.C.–based BNP Residential Properties Inc., she is constantly faced with trying to accommodate everyone’s needs and wants. Nasife knows that in order to make […]

  • One Step at a Time

    One Step at a Time Patience Gives Widger Skills to Succeed Jeff Widger, a community manager at Pinnacle Towne Center in Phoenix, has been an employee with San Francisco–based BRE Properties for 13 years. The best idea of his career has been taking his time to move up within the organization, he says. Widger started […]

  • Team Work

    Team Work Development and Management Ensures Success of Camden’s Properties Camden takes occupancy very seriously. That’s why this Houston-based real estate investment trust has two different on-site teams—one for lease-up and one for stabilized communities. Laura Little, vice president of real estate investments, has been very successful in hiring leasing professionals to open up new […]

  • The Next Hurdle

    The Next Hurdle Bezpalko Thrives on Solving the Tough Problems PJ Bezpalko likes a challenge. “When something’s not quite working right at a community or needs a little help to reach a goal, I really enjoy getting in there to see if I can tackle it,” explains the community director of Parker’s Landing, an 896-unit […]

  • At Your Service

    At Your Service Potvin Makes Residents Her Top Priority  Service is our specialty. Those are the words you’ll hear every time you call Dunwoody Place Apartments, a Lane Co. managed community. It’s the property’s motto, and it’s upheld every day by Shannon Potvin, the property manager, as well as the rest of her team. Potvin […]

  • Lost Money Reminder

    Lost Money Reminder Theme: Bonus money that is lost accumulates in front of you in a brandy glass. Visuals: Brandy Glass Play Money Dollar Signs Hand with money in it Media: Leasing Office Visual Implementation: We pay so much bonus money for each telephone conversion and lease, so every time the leasing consultant hangs up […]

  • Home Buyers Easy Lease Program

    Home Buyers Easy Lease Program Theme: Echelon “Home Buyers Easy Lease Program” Echelon Communities, LLC is proud to offer our “Home Buyers Easy Lease Program” to those looking to purchase or build a home while leasing. Echelon offers the freedom to lease without the limitations of being locked into a long-term lease. Benefits of Signing […]

  • Keep Your Occupancy Blooming

    Keep Your Occupancy Blooming Theme: “Keep Your Occupancies Blooming!!!” Focus: High Leasing Season Idea: We Implemented A Leasing Contest. The Prize: Beautiful Pansies Arrangement Awarded To The First Leasing Consultant To Close A Lease By Providing Free Roadside America Auto Assistance. Visuals: Distinctive, Bold Signage Presented In Pre-Contest Meeting With Onsite Staff. This Can Be […]

  • Leasing Olympics

    Leasing Olympics Theme: Leasing Olympics Visuals: Olympics logo expanded to seven rings to represent each of seven teams in our competition. Media: e-mail Implementation: For the last two years, we implemented expensive advertising campaigns ($200,000+) to try and drive more traffic to our communities. Despite our efforts, traffic/leases were typical. This year, we decided to […]

  • Break the Bank

    Break the Bank Theme: Increase leasing efforts on-site by using a toy safe as a game to motivate staff to see who can be the first to “break the bank” Visuals: A toy safe can be purchased at any toy store to be used for the game. Implementation: My regional came up with the idea […]

  • Customer Service Call Center

    Customer Service Call Center We created a computerized call center to handle resident inquiries. The centralized approach enables our company to quickly and efficiently process every resident’s request while mapping trends and employee performance. This helps reduce redundancies in the workplace without sacrificing quality. — Michael Steiner, Assistant Vice, President, Hendersen-Webb Inc.

  • Extended Leases

    Extended Leases Our company’s policy is to only have 10 percent renewals in any given month—especially low traffic months. We had one month with more than 10 percent. So, the manager sent a letter out offering extensions on the lease agreements. The letter offered three to six month extensions without an increase in rent. However, […]

  • I feel the LOVE!

    I feel the LOVE! By Toni Blake In my seminars I often use the phrase – ” I feel the love”! As I spend the day telling stories and sharing moments with my audience I can often “feel” the emotions rise and fall in the room. As we buckle our seat belts and embark on […]

  • Identity Theft and Information Safeguarding

    Identity Theft and Information Safeguarding Industry Awareness and Prevention By Julia Langston As a consumer, it is extremely easy to empathize and relate to someone who has been victimized by an identity thief. We’ve all seen the credit card commercial that shows a victimized middle aged man, defeated in his olive green vinyl recliner, wearing […]

  • Exit Interviews

    HUMAN RESOURCES THREE IMPORTANT STEPS FOR CONDUCTING PROPERTY MANAGEMENT EXIT INTERVIEWS© by Ernest F. Oriente, The Coach Research has shown that a person who resigns from your property management company is leaving for one of three possible reasons: a new career opportunity, an unsolicited job offer or for a grievance that has not been handled […]

  • 7 HR Tips by Others

    HUMAN RESOURCES Employee Attendance Card Theme: Attendance Card to calculate absenteeism and tardiness of each employee Visuals: Spreadsheet form. Months down the left side and numbered 1-31 across the top. Every other line is shaded to keep each month and day separate. Implementation: There was a tardiness issue with one of the employees. They were […]

  • Empowering Employees Plus 7 More

    HUMAN RESOURCES Empowering Employees to make decisions. We call challenges, opportunities for excellence. Weekly meetings are held where a discussion of the previous weeks opportunities (challenges) are reviewed. Each employee is encouraged to make decisions in keeping our customers happy. As a management company, our philosophy is to respect and trust people. We encourage our […]

  • Star Apartments

    We have select apartments that we show and call them “star apartments”.  They are usually chosen from the longest ones sitting, 1 of each style, etc. We had a contest for all our team members – including maintenance – to decorate a star apartment.  They were each given $30 and a week to put it […]