• Leasing Olympics

    Leasing Olympics Theme: Leasing Olympics Visuals: Olympics logo expanded to seven rings to represent each of seven teams in our competition. Media: e-mail Implementation: For the last two years, we implemented expensive advertising campaigns ($200,000+) to try and drive more traffic to our communities. Despite our efforts, traffic/leases were typical. This year, we decided to […]

  • Break the Bank

    Break the Bank Theme: Increase leasing efforts on-site by using a toy safe as a game to motivate staff to see who can be the first to “break the bank” Visuals: A toy safe can be purchased at any toy store to be used for the game. Implementation: My regional came up with the idea […]

  • I feel the LOVE!

    I feel the LOVE! By Toni Blake In my seminars I often use the phrase – ” I feel the love”! As I spend the day telling stories and sharing moments with my audience I can often “feel” the emotions rise and fall in the room. As we buckle our seat belts and embark on […]

  • Sales Competition and Sports!

    name: Steve matre   Theme: Sales Competition and Sports!   Visuals: We love to have competitions at Sherman Residential, and we’re all sports fans!  Build leasing campaigns around the sport which is in season at that time!  For instance, we love our Baseball campaign.  First, we pick five phrases such as First Base!, Beer Vendor!, […]

  • An Employee Incentive

    An Employee Incentive / Bonus Plan Idea:  Do an IPO! Contributed by The Apartment Doctor™ (Doug Chasick, CPM, Adv. RAM, CLP)   The “Incredible Performance Opportunity” or “Incentive Program Offering” (IPO) program is based on the stock market – something that is on EVERYONE’S mind these days!  Playing on an IPO (Initial Public Offering), you […]

  • A “Delicious” New Bonus Plan

    A “Delicious” New Bonus Plan   Our property management division changed our bonus program this year, and we had to find a way to unveil the program to the staff. We met with them initially to get their input—and when we re-met, we used a unique approach to show them the differences between the old […]

  • Three Quick Ways to Motivate Your Staff

    Three Quick Ways to Motivate Your Staff   by Douglas D. Chasick, CPM®, Advanced RAM®, CLP®   There are countless books, articles, courses, and theories on employee motivation—yet every day, people keep asking, “How do I motivate my staff?” Here are three things you can start doing TODAY that will create motivation:   Treat your […]

  • Share the Wealth

    Share the Wealth   Here are two fantastic employee incentive ideas from Melanie Young, of the Alexander Properties Group.   Melanie’s first idea is a bonus program that helps the entire onsite team be aware of the effect each of their positions has on the success of the community and involves everyone in the resident […]

  • Will This Matter a Year from Now?

    Will This Matter a Year from Now?   by Frank Basile   “I am an old man and I have had many problems in my life, most of which never happened!” —-Mark Twain   Mark Twain was not alone. Studies show that 80 percent of those things we worry about never actually happen.   Consider […]

  • The Power of Your Word

    The Power of Your Word   by Douglas D. Chasick   After many years of being on the planet, I’ve come to the conclusion that the only possession we own that is worth anything is our word. Unfortunately, many people seem to worry more about scratching their car than keeping their word!   We’ve all […]

  • Enjoy the Moment Before It Passes By

    Enjoy the Moment Before It Passes By   by Frank Basile   Just before his death, Francois Mitterrand, former president of France, told a friend, “We learn only when it is too late that the marvel is the passing moment.”   In my home, I have a clock with “NOW” emblazoned in the center.  This […]

  • Seven Reasons Why Winners Win

    Seven Reasons Why Winners Win   by Jamie Gorski   Why do winners win? How do you become a self-made winner?   Winners work hard at learning from other winners. It is up to you to learn from these examples and become a self-made winner. Here’s what I’ve learned from other winners.   Persistence   […]

  • Training Fleas Can Tell Us a Lot about Motivation

    Training Fleas Can Tell Us a Lot about Motivation by Frank Basile   Until May 6, 1954, they said it was physically impossible for any man to run the mile in four minutes. His heart and body could not stand it.  After all, no one had ever done it before. Everyone was conditioned to the […]

  • CAPREIT’s Ten Basics

    CAPREIT’s Ten Basics   by Peter Donohoe   A little over two years ago, CAPREIT initiated a program that emphasizes the company philosophy. It is summed up in ten basic, commonsense business practices for all associates, which are printed on a pocket-sized tri-fold card. Associates are encouraged to carry CAPRIET’S TEN BASICS CARD at all […]

  • Challenging the Comfort Zone

    Challenging the Comfort Zone   by Kathleen M. Lane   Change hits us head-on every day in our industry. In fact, we deal with change in business so often that it can become second nature.  Confronting it on a professional level ensures progress, innovation, and maintenance of a competitive edge.   Accepting change in our […]

  • Love Your Job, Change It, or Leave It! 

    Love Your Job, Change It, or Leave It!  ­­­­­­ by Frank Basile   Several years ago, when one of my Division Managers was trying to decide between two equally qualified Property Managers for promotion to Regional Property Manager, I asked that he telephone each on the speaker phone while I was present. I wanted to […]


    COMMUNITY EVALUATION   SCORING INSTRUCTIONS: If an item is not applicable, write n/a and adjust the scoring by the points allowed. Example: If a community does not have a tennis court, write n/a beside #19 and adjust the scoring totals by five points.   POINT SCORE                           What was the first impression on […]


    VACATION MODELS Jeff Petagna Cannon Properties 763 Madison Road, Suite 205, Culpeper, Virginia 22701  Theme: Retention of employees AND residents! Our communities are located in different areas of the Southeast. Since we utilize models in most of the properties, we are able to send employees or residents to another property (at the beach, the mountains, etc) […]

  • Delegation: from D’oh! To OOHH!

    “D’oh!” It’s what Homer Simpson says when something goes wrong. Why is delegation one big “D’oh!” for a lot of people? There can be some fear about delegating tasks or projects because without proper planning, a lot of things can go wrong. How often have you said something like this: “I can do it faster.” […]

  • Too Great to Wait Recap

    Team-Building and Traffic Generation x2 Our goal at Newport and Concord Village is to cross-train all our staff, increase qualified traffic, encourage return visits, and improve our closing ratios. In addition, by cross-training, we will be able to improve the market-ready condition of our vacant apartments and decrease the response time to our maintenance requests. […]

  • Real Time Performance Reviews

    On the list of things that are done for all the wrong reasons in organizations, performance reviews would have to rank near the top. They end up being “check the boxes” exercises that have little influence on performance because they take place after the fact. The typical performance review is the equivalent of landing an […]

  • Apartment Marketing & Management: Recap

    Make Your Community a Stop on the Tour Route “If you’re marketing to families, why not host field trips to your community from the local schools. This can be an educational opportunity for children to see how a community runs. Have your head service technician explain maintenance. Let the grounds people show off their work […]