• Your Life, Your Way

    Your Life, Your Way The Annual Multifamily Housing Brainstorming Sessions™ IDEA DESIGN DIRECTIVE FACILITATOR: Tricia Ward SESSION: 3 TABLE #: 35 TOPIC ASSIGNED: What’s your idea of a utopian community? What’s your residents’ idea of a utopian workplace? How do they differ? FOLLOW UP: · Utopia for some people will consist of maintenance-free operations, lots […]

  • Keep An Eye On Your Goldfish!

    Keep An Eye On Your Goldfish!  By Cathy Macaione, CMA Direct In the age of the consumer, everyone is a guest, client, or customer of someone else. You improve your own property management customer service when you empathize or identify your own experiences with those of your residents. For example, if you walk into a […]

  • Customer Relationship Managent Solutions

    Customer Relationship Management Solutions from Tracey and Lisa     Tracey Hopkins of Jumpstart Marketing and Lisa Trosien of Impact Marketing and Training devised these tools for their customers to utilize in implementing a CRM strategy at their companies.   For more information contact : Tracey Hopkins, Jumpstart Marketing, 972-712-2400 Lisa Trosien, Impact Marketing & […]

  • Keep Us Developing Outstanding Staff!

    Keep Us Developing Outstanding Staff! Heidi Bakke, AIMCO Motivate your staff with K.U.D.O.S. by involving other employees AND your residents! This is a great way to measure the extraordinary efforts of your staff. It will not only motivate your employees to do the best job they can, but it will also encourage employees to congratulate […]

  • For Your Residents, What Is “Best” Service? ©

    For Your Residents, What Is “Best” Service? © by Ernest F. Oriente, The Coach {Article #84} “Best” service, especially in the property management industry, can be deceiving because the needs and expectations of your residents are changing and evolving rapidly. In addition, your residents are comparing your apartment communities to both your competition and to […]

  • Handling Residents With “Special Envy”

    HANDLING RESIDENTS WITH “SPECIAL ENVY” The next time a resident who’s up for renewal walks into your office and asks why he’s being asked to pay an increase when the banner or sign outside is offering free rent (or some other special), try this idea. Tell them that choosing to renew their lease with you […]


    VACATION MODELS Jeff Petagna Cannon Properties 763 Madison Road, Suite 205, Culpeper, Virginia 22701  Theme: Retention of employees AND residents! Our communities are located in different areas of the Southeast. Since we utilize models in most of the properties, we are able to send employees or residents to another property (at the beach, the mountains, etc) […]

  • Dealing With High Resident Expectations

    Dealing With High Resident Expectations The 11th Annual Multifamily Housing Brainstorming Sessions™ ! November 8-10, 2000 ! Reno, Nevada PROBLEM-SOLVING WORKSHEET FACILITATOR: Marlee Roach SESSION: F3 TABLE #: BRAINSTORMER’S NAME: Deborah Langdon PROBLEM: Very high expectations from residents OBJECTIVE: To get them to accept and appreciate all the great things we do for them CHALLENGES: […]

  • Word Form Customer Service

    WORD FORM CUSTOMER SERVICE C CUSTOMER SERVICE CHECKLIST Community Name__________________________                             Date __________   Current Customer Service Ranking ____________                                         Goal __________     THE BASICS YES NO Are move-in gifts being given?       Are move-in inspections being done with new move-ins?       Is staff following up on Service Requests?     […]

  • What Do Customers Say About Your Service?

    What Do Customers Say About Your Service?  Erik Anderson, GMB, CAPS, CGB About once a week, I am lucky enough to have lunch with my wife. This past week, we were talking about her Volvo and she told me how much she liked the Volvo service program. When she brings her car in to get […]

  • I Want It NOW!!

    I Want It NOW!! A customer service survey commissioned by St. Louis-based billing and CRM product/service provider Amdocs ( found that U.S. consumers will stand for no more than two negative customer service experiences before taking their business elsewhere. The national survey queried 1,000 consumers about recent experiences in the banking, cable, retail, and telecommunications […]

  • Implement a Resident Service Recovery Program

    Hello , Vincent Lombardi said that “The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender”.  I know I have shared this cartoon with you, wanted to share it again! Implement a Service Recovery Program Apologize. First and foremost convey that you are sorry for the resident’s inconvenience. Be sincere and accept responsibility for the […]

  • Service Follow- Up

    Name: Theresa Caro E-Mail: Phone: 425-641-4412 Company: HSC Real Estate Address: 15207 NE 16th Place City: Bellevue State: WA Zip: 98007   Theme: By calling each service request completed we create an environment of caring, ensure our maintenance team is properly trained and most of all it leaves the door open for dialog regarding […]

  • Move- In Problems

    Name: Katherine Perry E-Mail: Phone: 404 459-6150 Company: Lane Address: 5555 Glenridge Conn #700 City: Atlanta State: GA Zip: 30342   Theme: Move in problems   Visuals: When something went wrong with a move in, I used to get a cookie cake from Kroger – only about $6 and personalize a message.  You would […]

  • Moments Of Truth: People Skills For Superior Customer Service

    Moments Of Truth: People Skills For Superior Customer Service  By Karla Brandau, CSP “People expect a certain reaction from a business and when you pleasantly exceed those expectations you’ve somehow passed an important psychological threshold.” — Richard Thalheimer, President, The Sharper Image Traffic was horrific the day I was in Washington, DC for a national […]

  • Raising Rents with Service Team Training

    A resident’s or future resident’s expectation and perception of value is made up of a lot of different factors; but the level of service your community provides is one of the biggest of them all. The service team has enormous and far-reaching influence over perceived value, reputation, leasing, retention, renewal efforts and more; and yet beyond technical ability, few […]

  • Maintenance Shop Standards

      There are a number of good reasons for establishing consistent, company-wide standards for stocking and organizing maintenance shops. It promotes efficiency by making it fast and easy for the service team  to find tools and supplies. It ensures that all routine maintenance service requests can be completed when scheduled, without having to order and […]