• At Your Service

    At Your Service Potvin Makes Residents Her Top Priority  Service is our specialty. Those are the words you’ll hear every time you call Dunwoody Place Apartments, a Lane Co. managed community. It’s the property’s motto, and it’s upheld every day by Shannon Potvin, the property manager, as well as the rest of her team. Potvin […]

  • St. Patricks Day Special

    St. Patricks Day Special Theme: St. Patrick’s Day Special Visuals: There is a sign in the office that says “Congratulations you have successfully followed the rainbow to our community! Hidden within your new apartment home is our pot of gold. Be sure to look high and low. Find it and you will receive $50.00 off […]

  • Reaching Out Employer Program

    Reaching Out Preferred Employer Program Boost Sales By Gabriele Preston, CAPS The preferred employer program is not a new marketing tool in multifamily management circles, but its potential has yet to be realized by apartment communities in general. In most cases, representatives who have promoted these programs have generally used flyers in the hopes that […]

  • 4 Major Barriers of Positive Online Reviews

    4 Major Barriers Preventing Your Happy Residents from Writing Positive Online Reviews It’s frustrating. Maybe you’ve jumped through hoops for them. You’ve exceeded your resident’s expectations. You’ve under-promised and over-delivered.  You’ve gone above and beyond. When you talk to them, they’re full of praise. So why won’t residents do it? Why won’t they write a […]

  • Multifamily Market Cycles Mid Year 2021

    Current Market Cycle IRR downloads can be found here.   One of the most important things you can understand in our industry is that just like our year has four seasons during which temperatures rise and fall, the real estate market has four general cycles during which prices rise and fall; but while spring, summer, […]

  • Six Challenges Marketers Face

    Six Challenges Marketers Face By: Tami Siewruk 1. Generating (Quality) Traffic That is Affordable Solid lead generation is pivotal to inbound marketing success. Why? Because once you’ve generated leads, inbound allows you to nurture them through the leasing journey by providing helpful information and guiding them toward a leasing decision. Inbound marketing is about creating […]

  • Preferred Employer Program

    Preferred Employer Program Theme: Preferred Employer Program This program was designed to ad “oomph” to our corporate calling. Once a company agrees to participate by referring employees to our apartment communities (they just have to agree to communicate the program) they are eligible to receive a $100 for every employee that moves into one of […]

  • Live Free

    Live Free Theme: “Live FREE ” Visuals: This was a radio contest that promoted this event with an apartment community. Media: Radio advertising, billboards, and print advertising. Implementation: A major radio station wanted us to participate by giving the winner of this contest a year’s FREE rent. This was advertised daily throughout the day on […]

  • Advertising with Local Restaurants

    Advertising with Local Restaurants Theme: Work in conjunction with local restaurants to help advertise for our communities Visuals: Have a local restaurant give fortune cookies, mints or wrapped chocolate with our logo as well as the restaurant on them Media: This would be for in house dining and carryouts Implementation: We first did a local […]

  • Zero In Campaign

    Zero In Campaign Theme: “Zero in on XYZ apartments” Utilizing the theme to attract traffic, create interactive situation with client and residents Visuals: Banner: White w/Red outline and letters/huge bull’s eye with arrow pointing to center/name, number and e-mail Dart Board: hung on office wall (Velcro-not real darts!) Bull’s eye stickers: All brochures, w/o and […]

  • Missing Piece Leasing Theme

    Missing Piece Leasing Theme Theme: Jigsaw Puzzle theme for a month – The Only Piece Missing is YOU! Visuals: Jigsaw Puzzle of any design that is at least 8×10 in size and has pieces about the size of a quarter to fifty cent piece. Media: flyers to existing residents; flyers to give to prospects; flyers […]

  • Out-reach Ideas

    Voter Registration Drive Theme: Drucker & Falk LLC — VOTE Used on Section 8, tax credit and elderly. Many have not registered to vote. Our offices decorate for election once per month, have the registration forms, fill it out for them if they cannot, offer food, and mail it off for them. Once election time […]

  • Lease Up Open House

    name: Bobbie Smith Dougherty   Theme: Leaseups – Small scale open house – opened several properties with the company and found that if you invite your competition, surrounding neighbors (from the neighborhood or retail if applicable) and vendors to breakfast or wine/cheese party pretty soon after you open when it’s still pretty rough, but the […]

  • 12 for 12 Lease-A-Thon

    12 for 12 Lease-A-Thon Theme: 12 for 12 Lease-A-Thon: $1000 off rent Media: Local newspaper, flyers to local vendors, flyers to all residents (this is for referrals), flyers to locators, and invitations for prospects. We also had t-shirts made for the leasing staff that had our names on the front and the phrase “Leasing Queen” […]

  • In America We Are ONE!

    name: Leisa Vanhoose   Theme: In America, we are ONE! At Tivoli Place, our Residents are #1! Visuals: The flyer was attached to a dowel like a flag sticking out of red and blue pails full of candy. Media: Red, White and Blue flags flying at the entrance of the property along with signage. Implementation: […]

  • Advertising with Your Car

    name: Michelle Alarcon Leasing Theme: Advertising with your car – If your company has company cars why not utilize them with magnetic advertising signs? We put two on each side of the car with a great slogan of “RACE over to xyz for GREAT apartments! Or Meet us in the winner’s circle at XYZ apartments. […]

  • You’ll See Things Clearly

    You’ll See Things Clearly Cindy Wellner Theme: You’ll See Things Clearly Living at ABC Apartments Implementation: When the leasing agent takes a prospect on a community tour, a staff member goes to their car and washes their windshield, then puts a colorful flyer facing into the car on the windshield…you’ll see things more clearly living […]

  • There’s No Place Like Home

    There’s No Place Like Home Shayna Porter Theme: “There’s No Place Like Home”- Wizard of Oz theme Visuals: Yellow Brick road from clubhouse entrance to office door (yellow contact paper) Toto the dog in a basket in office Cowardly lion costume Dorothy & Galinda barbie dolls, a vase of fake poppy flowers on file cabinet […]