• You’ll See Things Clearly

    You’ll See Things Clearly Cindy Wellner Theme: You’ll See Things Clearly Living at ABC Apartments Implementation: When the leasing agent takes a prospect on a community tour, a staff member goes to their car and washes their windshield, then puts a colorful flyer facing into the car on the windshield…you’ll see things more clearly living […]

  • Night Out On Us

    Night Out On Us Dianne Wiley NOTE: Release of Liability Forms Are Signed. Theme: “Have a night out on us” Visuals: We gave out 2 free movie tickets upon move in. Each Friday night in the clubhouse we would have movie night for the kids while the parents went out to the movies. In the […]

  • Golf Themed Lease Up

    Golf Themed Lease-Up Jill Bounds Theme: We marketed a new lease-up with a golf theme. There were four golf courses within 5 miles. The neighborhood is very restrictive on signs, banners, balloons, etc. The location did not have drive-by visibility at all. Visuals: Our logo was used as brand name identification consistently throughout the marketing […]

  • Have a Rent Sale

    Have a Rent Sale Kitty Callaghan Theme: To help promote specific target units one of our properties came up with the idea of a “Rent Sale”. This works very much like any clearance sale at a retail store, they took inventory that had been sitting a while longer than they would like and discounted the […]

  • Driving In Style

    BRAG SESSION Topic Assigned: Brag about the best idea that you’ve recently implemented Idea/Theme: Driving in Style Key Visuals: Magnet signs “Our Kids Travel in Style”, “Our residents Shop in Style” Media Vehicle(s): Limousines Explain how the idea/program was implemented: We signed school children up at the beginning of the school year to be chauffeured […]

  • Drive Through Pizza

    Drive Through Pizza Theme: Hand out pizzas to residents as they pull into your community, on a set night, once a month.   Implementation: Proposed a deal with nearby pizzeria. Cost: $4 per car Results: Great feedback from residents, created a buzz within industry Matt Bowles Lone Wolf Publishing

  • Dinner on Us

    Dinner on Us Theme: Dinner on Us! Visuals: Computer Generated Menu from the office. Implementation: Each week we picked a different building to deliver dinner to. We sent out the menu with what type of soft drinks were offered, how many plates were needed, what types of deserts, etc. We prepare a plate for each […]

  • Dinner Delivered on Us

    Dinner Delivered on Us Theme: Dinner on Us! Visuals: We used colored paper divided equally into four parts with a picture of a waiter running with a plate in his hand. On the bottom was the apartment number and number of plates needed. We prepared these ahead of time so that when the food plates […]

  • Coffee and Donuts to Go

    Coffee and Donuts to Go Theme: Coffee and Donuts to GO! Visuals: We hired the local Dunkin Donut Coffee shops van to bring hot coffee and donuts to our site. Media: Poster and flyers Implementation: Our property has over 840 apartments and we wanted to show our appreciation for our residents. So, on an early […]

  • Brunch with the Bunny

    Brunch with the Bunny Theme: Brunch with the Bunny – An idea we used for Resident Retention and Marketing. Implementation: We hired a Bunny for the Saturday before Easter to come to our Community Activity Center to pose for pictures with the children on our community. We called our recent prospects who had children to […]

  • Big Brothers and Big Sisters

    Big Brothers and Big Sisters Theme: Pine Meadows Apartment Big Brother’s Big Sister’s Program Visuals: We used different clip arts for posters, flyers, and signs to display through out the property. Media: This was an in-house program that we partnered with the local schools and used newsletters, and school papers. Implementation: I designed this program […]

  • Balcony or Garden of the Month Club

    Balcony or Garden of the Month Club Theme: Balcony/Garden of the Month Club Visuals: Plants, flowers, pots Media: Flyers and our community newsletter Implementation: Several of our residents suggested that we allow an area on our property for a community garden. I didn’t want to till up a large area of our property…so, I sent […]

  • Apartment Decorating Library

    Apartment Decorating Library Theme: Apartment Decorating Library Implementation: As a resident service, provide interior decorating books for check out. There are design and decorating books that are specific to apartment living. My residents have enjoyed this extra service. It will cost you about $100 to purchase about 6 books but it’s a great service that […]

  • Spring into Action

    Spring into Action Theme: Spring Into Action! This is a renewal idea from way back… there are 2 components that make it so great. Not only is this a renewal idea, but a curb appeal idea as well. Visuals: Flowerpot (Those great plastic ones that look ceramic), dirt, flowering seed packets, renewal lease Media: None […]

  • Snack Day

    Snack Day Once a month, we host snack day for kids. We put a sign at the bus stop reading “Snack Day”, and they rush off the bus to the clubhouse awaiting their treat. We’ve done all kinds of snacks. They love it and new residents applaud our efforts. Jill Knoll Meredith Square

  • Resident Luau Party

    Resident Luau Party Theme: Resident Luau Party! Visuals: Enough colorful leis for each door at your community, tiki torches for pool area, bbq and food, hula-hoops and limbo bar for contests, great DJ. Media: Place a lay on each residents door the day of the party with a note on it reminding them to come […]

  • Resident Bingo

    Resident Bingo Theme: Resident’s Bingo Visuals: Bingo machine and cards in the office Implementation: We purchased a game from Wal-Mart. We made Bingo cards with our laminating machine. We place a Bingo number in the window three times a week. When we have a winner, we make it known in the Community Newsletter and then […]

  • Remembering Special Days

    Remembering Special Days Theme: Remembering special days for our residents. Visuals: Get small gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, babies, etc. Media: Newsletter Implementation: We just have made a list of residents’ birthdays, anniversaries, etc and remember them with a little happy gift on that day. Cost: $10.00 Results: Residents that feel a part of a community, […]

  • Spring Themed Patio

    Spring Themed Patio Theme: Best Spring Themed Patio Visuals: Take pictures of the top 10 patios and post them on a board in the office for all residents and prospects to vote on. Media: Included an article in your newsletter, or send out a flyer to advertise the contest. Implementation: When driving into Riverwood the […]

  • Pizza Special Delivery

    name: Michelle Rogers email: phone: 919-388-9823 Company: BNP Properties address: 301 South College Street Suite 3850 city: Charlotte state: NC zip: 28202 Category: Retention Renewal Incentive:  Free large pizza and 2 liter soda for the entire lease term. Visuals: Create a flyer, door hanger, and book of certificates with magnet on the back. Media:  […]

  • Pizza Delivery Night

    name: Mindy Williams email: phone: 619-437-6633 Company: address: PO Box 182234 city: Coronado state: CA zip: 92178 Category: Retention Theme: A New Twist To Home Pizza Delivery! I was teaching a seminar in Memphis, TN and three managers – independently – were doing this idea. One night a week (it was different for […]

  • On-Site Pizza Sales

    name: Adrian Richardson email: phone: 803-783-4448 Company: Benchmark Management, Inc. address: 1003 True Street city: Columbia state: SC zip: 29209   Category: Retention   Theme: Monthly Pizza SALE for the residents.   Visuals: We send out a flyer in our monthly newsletter with the date and time that Papa John’s will be here to […]

  • Hugs at Work

    name: Bryan Head email: phone: 7133318773 Company: Alliance Residential Management address: 2400 Augusta Suite 450 city: Houston state: TX zip: 77057 Category: Retention Theme: Hugs at Work: Each month, pick great resident or one with a birthday, and deliver to their place of employment a plant, balloon bouquet, cookie bouquet, etc. Have business card […]