New Construction

  • Lease Up Open House

    name: Bobbie Smith Dougherty   Theme: Leaseups – Small scale open house – opened several properties with the company and found that if you invite your competition, surrounding neighbors (from the neighborhood or retail if applicable) and vendors to breakfast or wine/cheese party pretty soon after you open when it’s still pretty rough, but the […]

  • Golf Themed Lease Up

    Golf Themed Lease-Up Jill Bounds Theme: We marketed a new lease-up with a golf theme. There were four golf courses within 5 miles. The neighborhood is very restrictive on signs, banners, balloons, etc. The location did not have drive-by visibility at all. Visuals: Our logo was used as brand name identification consistently throughout the marketing […]

  • Lease Up Bonus Payment Request

        LEASE-UP BONUS PAYMENT REQUEST   DATE REQUESTED: _____________                                DATE DUE: ____________     PAY TO: _______________________________________________________________     PROPERTY: _________________________________      PROP. NO.: ____________     BONUS AMOUNT PER UNIT:                                                       $________________      TOTAL NUMBER OF UNITS BONUS IS CLAIMED FOR:       $________________ (ATTACH COPY OF PROPERTY MOVE-IN REPORT)               TOTAL AMOUNT […]

  • New Construction Create Urgency

    Attention New Construction Communities!  Create Urgency and Interest! Contributed by Diane Medina, We were having problems pre-leasing apartments in a few of our new construction communities.  People were not aware that our communities were pre-leasing, or when they visited, they didn’t feel a sense of urgency.  Many customers thought that since a community was brand […]

  • Let’s Park the Problem

    Let’s Park the Problem Note: This article intends for existing assets to provide the “why” behind parking issues and motivate those that do not have a written parking plan. Planning for parking is asset-driven and highly dependent on location. There is no “one size fits all.” Sample: Sample Parking Plan Review carefully as there are auto-calculated […]

  • Project Hard Hat Motivates the Team

    Project Hard Hat Motivates the Team   We heard about this great idea when Mary Hammond, Marketing Director for Boston Financial Property Management, wrote to tell us about their “Project Hard Hat” Carolina-Georgia Rehab. Mary writes:   My management company had undertaken an enormous project: pre-paying the mortgages and converting twelve previously subsidized properties to […]

  • Reservation Guarantee

      Our Reservation Guarantee   We guarantee the availability of McNeil House Apartment Home # ____ This Guarantee is valid until the Apartment Home is ready for move in. In the event that the apartment home is not available on the below date the full reservation fee of $200.00 will be refunded upon request. Upon […]

  • Car Wash Coupons

    Name: Kirsten Nelson     Theme: Retention-Keeping resident’s happy during a lease-up.  We bought car wash coupons for our residents since it was so dirty with the construction.   Visuals: We made up a little flyer for all the residents telling them how grateful we were for their patience and that this was a token […]

  • It’s Easy Being Green

    It’s Easy Being Green Just Front Load Your Design By Josh Chaitin  Around the Country, we are witnessing the creation of “green” buildings and developments designed to minimize environmental and human health impacts. Developers are starting to catch on to both the cache and the long-term benefits of designing developments around LEED—the Leadership in Energy […]

  • Creating New Communities

    Creating New Communities Design Trends Influencing Multifamily Today By Stephen C. Moore  With condo sales (and sales prices) continuing to soar, chances are there isn’t a single rental developer out there who hasn’t at least considered entering the for-sale game. The challenge for many is in knowing what product to consider, what design trends are […]

  • Upgrade Program for New Construction

    Upgrade Program for New Construction BRAG SESSION Facilitator: Rick Ellis Brainstormer’s Name: Jessica Darnall Topic Assigned: Brag about the best idea that you’ve recently implemented Idea/Theme: Upgrade Program – new construction Key Visuals: Optional upgrade order form samples in models Ralph Lauren/ California Closets partnerships Media Vehicle(s): “Optional Upgrade finishes” in all ads “Customize your […]

  • Leasing New Construction in the Face of Concessions

    Leasing New Construction in the Face of Concessions The 11th Annual Multifamily Housing Brainstorming Sessions™ ! November 8-10, 2000 ! Reno, Nevada PROBLEM-SOLVING WORKSHEET FACILITATOR: Joleen Brannigan SESSION: 4 TABLE #: 56 BRAINSTORMER’S NAME: Beth Harris PROBLEM: Property under construction / in lease-up OBJECTIVE: Leasing!!! CHALLENGES: Competitor sin area offering huge concessions / traffic going […]

  • Construction Dust Thank You Gift

    Name: Isabel Sciommeri E-Mail: Phone: 310-823-2592 Company: E & S Ring Management Corp Address: 5721 W. Slauson Ste #200 City: Culver City State: CA Zip: 90230   Theme: Various construction projects have been ongoing in my community including a new building.  It was our desire to let residents know that we were aware of […]


    NEW CONSTRUCTION SURVIVAL KIT Michelle Jarvis Drucker & Falk, 7200 Stonehenge Dr. Suite 211, Raleigh, NC 27613 Theme: New Construction Survival Kit Visuals: Soothing Moments Tea Ear Plugs Mugs with Property Logo Newspaper Implementation: A beautiful wooded area behind several of our apartment buildings is in the process of becoming a new housing development. Many of our residents […]