• Resident’s Lunch On Us!

    Resident’s Lunch On Us! Contributed by Theresa Ebner   Need to generate more good residents like you currently have?   Marketing where they work with this great resident contest!   Review your resident profile and see which residents work at the larger area employers. Place their name in a hat and draw a name. The selected […]

  • New Construction Create Urgency

    Attention New Construction Communities!  Create Urgency and Interest! Contributed by Diane Medina, We were having problems pre-leasing apartments in a few of our new construction communities.  People were not aware that our communities were pre-leasing, or when they visited, they didn’t feel a sense of urgency.  Many customers thought that since a community was brand […]

  • Low-Cost Marketing Ideas

    Low-Cost Marketing Ideas Contributed by Micha Breen   Here are a few ideas for easy customization with some simple office supplies and a color printer:   Purchase the business card size perforated paper and print a “Welcome” message on it, including the phone number for your office. We then glue these to some inexpensive refrigerator […]

  • Off-Site Marketing

    Off-Site Marketing Contributed by Beth Finley   As a way to familiarize your leasing staff with your clients, deliver these as your corporate gifts.  Purchase picture holders (they’re usually available in pairs) and add a photo of your staff and a business card.  This is a very nice way for the Human Resources departments at […]

  • Referral T-Shirts

    Referral T-Shirts Contributed by Christa Ponder   For resident referrals, we take two brightly colored property t-shirts that display the property’s amenities, physical address, phone number, and e-mail address and place them in a standard size white pizza type box addressed with a nice property label.  Inside the box, there is a cute 4-line poem […]

  • National Programs Offer Exposure

    National Programs Offer Publicity Exposure Contributed by Brenda Coons,   My suggestion is to join and support national children’s programs such as Project Safe Place, not only for the intrinsic value of being involved in a very worthy cause but also for maximum publicity exposure.   In Indianapolis, Indiana, I worked with the Children’s Bureau […]

  • Resident Referrals Ideas

    Resident Referrals are always the most effective type of advertising for any community.  Existing residents are the best salespeople because they know the community and they are happy living there.  Chances are also good that their friends will be of the same approximate income bracket, profile, etc.  This results in qualified future residents.  To help […]

  • Great Traffic Opportunities – Right Under Your Nose

    Ten Great Traffic Generating Opportunities – Right Under Your Nose By Tami Siewruk   Looking for a few good ways to generate traffic?  Here are some easy but often overlooked opportunities to reach your target market!   Spread the word at community events – festivals and other outdoor events are great opportunities to pass out […]

  • Avoiding or Offering Concessions the Smart Way

    Avoiding or Offering Concessions the Smart Way Some time ago, I wrote an article that addressed the issue of offering concessions. It was more of a rant, but you can believe that I meant every single word of it. The truth is that at the time, I was face-to-face with a tough choice between tossing […]

  • Let’s Park the Problem

    Let’s Park the Problem Note: This article intends for existing assets to provide the “why” behind parking issues and motivate those that do not have a written parking plan. Planning for parking is asset-driven and highly dependent on location. There is no “one size fits all.” Sample: Sample Parking Plan Review carefully as there are auto-calculated […]

  • Lead Generation Checklist

    Cross all your T’s and Dot all your I’s Lead Generation Checklist   E-leads: Eleads and Telphone Ratios – Are you setting appointments with all your e-leads and telephone call inquiries and then following up with the prospect the three hours before the appointment? Gracious Memory Moment – Are you giving hostess-style takeaway small gifts […]

  • Resident Referral Copy Ideas

    Easy to change out the graphics and customize. All in Word   1Year Back Bonus Bottles Bucket Bucket2 Campers   Campers2 Celebrate_1 Celebrate_2 Celebrate_3 Celebrate Gamble_1 Gamble_2 Gamble_3 Grabs Grabs2 Growth_1 Growth_2 Growth_3 Growth_4 Guaranteed Guaranteed2 Holiday Horn Jackpot Key_1 Key_2 Key_3 Key_4 Key_5 Key_6 Last Love Love2 Menu Opportuni_Tree Out_of_Town Party Party$ Piggy_Bank Piggy_Bank2 […]

  • Why Are We In This Industry? A Look at Our History

    Why Are We In This Industry? The Evolution of Residential Property Management: From Caretaker to Income Maximization Managers Rosemary Carucci Goss of Virginia Tech University and Howard Campbell of Ball State University The-Evolution-of-Residential-Property-Management Download

  • Multifamily Market Cycles

    Download this workbook and follow along by clicking the audio links below the workbook. The two-part audio program is roughly 15 minutes Market Cycles For Multifamily Understanding market cycles will help you understand why we raise rents, lower rents, offer concessions, increase or decrease lease terms, and so on. When I started my career as […]

  • Ready to Use Resident Referral Flyers

    Right-click, save as on the photos, or click the link to download the PDFs of your choice.   Generic_referandearn_250_abstract Generic_referandearn_250_friends Generic_referandearn_500_abstract Generic_referandearn_500_abstract[1] Generic_referandearn_500_friends Generic_referandearn_500_friends[1] Generic_referandearn_1000_abstract