Resident Referrals

  • 4 Major Barriers of Positive Online Reviews

    4 Major Barriers Preventing Your Happy Residents from Writing Positive Online Reviews It’s frustrating. Maybe you’ve jumped through hoops for them. You’ve exceeded your resident’s expectations. You’ve under-promised and over-delivered.  You’ve gone above and beyond. When you talk to them, they’re full of praise. So why won’t residents do it? Why won’t they write a […]

  • Thank You to Applicant Marketing

    SEND THANK YOU CARD TO APPLICANT Jenny Goodman Idea: Send a thank you card to the applicant after they have been approved to move in letting them know how we appreciate them for making this their new home. Along with a card about your resident referral program and how they can make money for referring […]

  • Capitalize on Your Resident Retention Efforts

    Capitalize on Your Resident Retention Efforts…Help Happy Residents Refer Others to Your Community Resident Retention is an effort made by an apartment community or company that not only is aimed at reducing resident turnover but when done effectively brings your community full circle to generating low to no cost qualified traffic to your leasing center. […]

  • Resident’s Lunch On Us!

    Resident’s Lunch On Us! Contributed by Theresa Ebner   Need to generate more good residents like you currently have?   Marketing where they work with this great resident contest!   Review your resident profile and see which residents work at the larger area employers. Place their name in a hat and draw a name. The selected […]

  • Referral T-Shirts

    Referral T-Shirts Contributed by Christa Ponder   For resident referrals, we take two brightly colored property t-shirts that display the property’s amenities, physical address, phone number, and e-mail address and place them in a standard size white pizza type box addressed with a nice property label.  Inside the box, there is a cute 4-line poem […]

  • Resident Referrals Ideas

    Resident Referrals are always the most effective type of advertising for any community.  Existing residents are the best salespeople because they know the community and they are happy living there.  Chances are also good that their friends will be of the same approximate income bracket, profile, etc.  This results in qualified future residents.  To help […]

  • Resident Referral Copy Ideas

    Easy to change out the graphics and customize. All in Word   1Year Back Bonus Bottles Bucket Bucket2 Campers   Campers2 Celebrate_1 Celebrate_2 Celebrate_3 Celebrate Gamble_1 Gamble_2 Gamble_3 Grabs Grabs2 Growth_1 Growth_2 Growth_3 Growth_4 Guaranteed Guaranteed2 Holiday Horn Jackpot Key_1 Key_2 Key_3 Key_4 Key_5 Key_6 Last Love Love2 Menu Opportuni_Tree Out_of_Town Party Party$ Piggy_Bank Piggy_Bank2 […]

  • Ready to Use Resident Referral Flyers

    Right-click, save as on the photos, or click the link to download the PDFs of your choice.   Generic_referandearn_250_abstract Generic_referandearn_250_friends Generic_referandearn_500_abstract Generic_referandearn_500_abstract[1] Generic_referandearn_500_friends Generic_referandearn_500_friends[1] Generic_referandearn_1000_abstract

  • We’ve Moved Mailout Cards

    We’ve Moved Mailout Cards BRAG SESSION Facilitator: Kathy Dahl Brainstormer’s Name: Marsha Saad Topic Assigned: Brag about the best idea that you’ve recently implemented Idea/Theme: “We’ve moved”. Mail out cards w/property info for new residents to direct mail friends/family, etc. Key Visuals: Mail cards contain: Photo of property Targeted floorplan/or their actual floorplan Map/directions Website […]

  • Good Timing for Referrals

    Good Timing for ReferralsMarianne Chartrand Fairfield, 2045 N. Hwy. 360 #124, Grand Prairie, Tx 75050 Theme: This idea is for getting referrals from your new resident at the best time possible. After closing you propect and they are high on life and excited about thier new home ask them if they have a friend or […]

  • Thank Residents BEFORE Their Colleague Rents

    Thank Residents BEFORE Their Colleague Rents Jean A. Mellinger  President Westmoreland Management, Inc. 6706 Garden Canyon  Katy, TX 77449 PS Can’t wait for Reno!!!! We ask for referrals from our residents and often thank them AFTER their friend or colleague rents. Why not thank them BEFORE the rental? On the day a prospect referred by […]

  • Resident Referrals

    Name: Lori GreerEmail: lgreer@erc.comCompany: ERC PROPERTIES Theme: Resident Referrals Visuals: Banner in front of office that says “Find out how to get FREE Money Inside”. Door Hangers attached on all apartment doors designed to say “Find out how to get 50 more (or 100 more)”. Then attach a phony dollar bill to the door hanger. […]

  • Come Grow With Us

    William Lewis Green   Category: Leasing, Marketing   Theme: Springtime – “Come Grow With Us”   Visuals: Banners with theme on community fence; resident referral door hangers / posters.   Leasing office will have flower pots dressed up with flower pens, seed packs, and candy.   Media: Community ad in For Rent Magazine, internet sites; […]

  • Bring A Friend

    Bring A Friend BRAG SESSION Facilitator: Sherri M Stawick Brainstormer’s Name: Elaine Therault Topic Assigned: Brag about the best idea that you’ve recently implemented Idea/Theme: Bring A Friend Weekend Key Visuals: Costumes, food, Sent out flyers Media Vehicle(s): Explain how the idea / program was implemented: To increase resident referrals we sent a letter to […]

  • Frequent Referral Card

    Frequent Referral Card The Annual Multifamily Housing Brainstorming Sessions™ IDEA DESIGN DIRECTIVE FACILITATOR: Becki Lord SESSION: 3 TABLE #: 33 TOPIC ASSIGNED: Resident Referrals can be an inexpensive yet effective way to increase our communities’ traffic. Consider all the ways we can increase resident referrals with both paid and non-paid promotions. Create a promotional program […]

  • It Pays to Refer

    It Pays To Refer BRAG SESSION Facilitator: Caro Eddy Brainstormer’s Name: Topic Assigned: Brag about the best idea that you’ve recently implemented Idea/Theme: It Pays to Refer Key Visuals: Bright yellow key chains Huge yellow green Banners Monthly Flyers Coffee Mugs, cookies. Media Vehicle(s): Explain how the idea / program was implemented: Key Mangement wanted […]

  • Past Resident Referrals

    name: John Nuernberger email: phone: 314-863-4900 Company: Sterling Properties address: 720 Olive Street city: St. Louis state: Missouri zip: 63101 Category: Leasing Theme: Past resident referral program – Using our resident data system we produce lists for each of the properties of residents who have lived at the property and were in good standing […]

  • We Care Program

    Brainstorming Tools, Forms & Ideas Exchange Submitted by Michelle Goodell Resident Manager of Yarrowood Highlands In Bellevue, Washington With HSC Real Estate, Inc. 425-827-4722 425-827-4148 (fax)   I wanted to share my WE CARE Program.  I implemented this program at my last 2 communities and it has really gone a long way with both […]

  • Riverbuck Reward Program

    Name: Terry Jackson E-Mail: Phone: 918-599-7180 Company: BH Management Address: 1703 S. Jackson City: Tulsa State: Oklahoma Zip: 74107 Category: Retention Theme: “Riverbuck Reward Program” Visuals: Media: Flyers Implementation: My property sits directly at the Arkansas River’s edge, the name of the property is Westport on the River.  We reward residents for renewals, timely […]


    MAKING RESIDENTS CHOOSE THEIR NEIGHBORS Michelle Rogers Drucker and Falk LLC. 7200 Stonehenge Drive Suite 211, Raleigh, North Carolina 27613 Theme: Making the resident choose their neighbors. Taking a pride in your community. Visuals: Have a plaque and a letter that states: Thank you for being a part of our community family. Our greatest compliment is when […]

  • Resident Referrals Will Have a Huge Impact on Apartment Marketing

    How the multifamily industry should think about resident referrals has changed. Our  old school “refer-a-friend program” is happening every day and most apartment marketing teams aren’t or haven’t figured out how to monetize the conversation that social media marketing has provided. With the Right Focus on Social and New Media, Resident Referrals Will Have a […]

  • Monitor The Impact Of Resident Conversations

    Like the apartment industry mantra about location, now it’s all about “data, data, data.” If you’re not tracking who’s having conversations about your apartment communities and whether those conversations are resulting in new leases, then you’re missing some of that data. Just think for a minute about the value you’d get from real insight into […]