• Managing Traffic Generation Efforts Old School

    MANAGING YOUR TRAFFIC-GENERATION EFFORTS Days in an apartment community’s office are generally busy and chaotic…and they can be even more so in the middle of a successful marketing campaign. When all your traffic generation efforts start to bear fruit and the telephones are ringing off the hook, and walk-ins are pouring through the door, and […]

  • Make a Marketing Binder

    name: Karen Blue Theme: Marketing Binder to help accurately track traffic sources! We have all seen easels with ads in leasing offices with current ads displayed….this is simply a more elegant and professional way to accomplish the task of accurately tracking all traffic, especially “drive-bys” Visuals: Purchase a nice leather binder and in it, you […]

  • Google My Business For Apartments

    Google My Business For Apartments Is MORE Than a Listing And Could Be More Important Than Your Website Most apartment communities picture Google My Business (GMB) as a listing that allows your apartment community a local directory listing like the old yellow pages. This is true – GMB is a great tool to use to get […]

  • Government Ideas for Multifamily

    Government Telephone residents and encourage them to register to vote. Provide a voter pick up or transportation service for seniors. Campaign for a candidate who is running for an office. Organize a public issues forum for candidates. Contact your juvenile court system. Find out if they have a “Kids in Court” program to match older […]

  • Traffic Stabilizer For Road Construction

    Traffic Stabilizer For Road Construction   The 11th Annual Multifamily Housing Brainstorming Sessions™ ! November 8-10, 2000 ! Reno, Nevada PROBLEM-SOLVING WORKSHEET FACILITATOR: Donna Olson SESSION: 4 TABLE #: 10 BRAINSTORMER’S NAME: Trish Lundburg PROBLEM: Keep a stable property with road construction expanding road from two lanes to four OBJECTIVE: Attract prospects / keep current […]

  • Fun Referral Gift Baskets

    Our communities have a very aggressive resident referral program. We encourage our residents to refer friends, co‑workers, etc.  Recently, at two of our Ohio communities, we started making up “Resident Referral Gift Baskets.” These baskets contain candy, Play‑Doh, squirt guns, bubbles, gum, community brochures, and a resident referral flyer. The flyer explains the program: $200 […]

  • Team-Building and Traffic Generation – Times Two

    Our goal at Newport and Concord Village is to cross-train all our staff, increase qualified traffic, encourage return visits, and improve our closing ratios. In addition, by cross-training, we will be able to improve the market-ready condition of our vacant apartments and decrease the response time to our maintenance requests. Our team members include the […]

  • Going Mobile

    A CONVENIENT TRUTH Let’s face it, the world runs on lattes and 5-hour energy these days. People constantly en route from one destination to another, and during these transits they are going … mobile. What once was a sedentary task, web browsing has evolved: users are accessing the internet via phones and mobile devices from […]

  • Multifamily Ideas from Across the Nation

    A few years ago at one of the  Brainstorming Educational Sessions  “Practical Leasing Strategies, Creative Marketing Ideas and Proven Management Techniques from Across the USA.”  was presented by Donna Olson of Olson Training, Kara Rice of Gracehill, and Rebecca Rosario of Full House Marketing, this sessions was both entertaining and idea-packed as it took attendees […]

  • Apartment Marketing: The Art of the Marketing Call

    We all know that one important part of traffic generation is outreach marketing; building relationships with area employers, locators, and other community organizations in the hopes that they will send apartment-seekers our way. We also know that there is much more to successful outreach marketing than simply dropping off some brochures or bringing in the […]

  • now has a augmented reality Layar mobile application embraces virtual communication through new Layar mobile application Apartment seekers can search thousands of apartment listings through the world’s first augmented reality browser, anchor Web site of For Rent Media Solutions™,  has launched an augmented reality Layar mobile application. The application lets apartment seekers view their current location through the camera of […]