Student Housing

  • Out-reach Ideas

    Voter Registration Drive Theme: Drucker & Falk LLC — VOTE Used on Section 8, tax credit and elderly. Many have not registered to vote. Our offices decorate for election once per month, have the registration forms, fill it out for them if they cannot, offer food, and mail it off for them. Once election time […]

  • Internal Apartment Locator Service

    Hannah Crosby     Category: Leasing   Theme: Our Company created an internal apartment locator service by renting a space inside the Student Book Store at the heart of campus to centralize outreach and to reach all the students at Michigan State University.   Visuals: We created a very basic website but generated traffic through […]

  • Summer Storage for Students

    Summer Storage for Students Theme: Summer Storage Visuals: Very nice color renewal letter to the resident and parents of our students. Explaining the advantage of the Summer Storage Program. Media: Letters to our residents and their parents. Implementation: Lubbock is a large college community. Every summer we see 20,000+ students leave for 3 months. So […]

  • Seven Tips for Entering the Student Housing Market

    Seven Tips for Entering the Student Housing Market During the next decade, 80 million Echo Boomers will reach their 18th birthdays, and many will head off to college. Three demographic, sociological, and economic factors are coming together to create a “perfect storm” for investors who direct their dollars toward putting roofs over the heads of […]

  • Playgrounds for Senior Communities

    Playgrounds are not exclusively for kids anymore and are becoming increasingly popular because the concept has been revolutionized to cater to senior citizens. From my knowledge the emerging trend first appeared in the UK as community project in Manchester. The whole idea of a seniors’ playground is absolutely brilliant! Not only is the community brought […]