• Leasing Olympics

    Leasing Olympics Theme: Leasing Olympics Visuals: Olympics logo expanded to seven rings to represent each of seven teams in our competition. Media: e-mail Implementation: For the last two years, we implemented expensive advertising campaigns ($200,000+) to try and drive more traffic to our communities. Despite our efforts, traffic/leases were typical. This year, we decided to […]

  • Pushing the Priority Waiting List

    PUSHING 100%? THE PRIORITY WAITING LIST Techniques for Marketing and Leasing When Occupancy is High and Availability is Low By Rick Ellis, CPM Ellis Property Management Services, AMO “I’m sorry, ma’am. Right now we’re 100% occupied. I wish I could help you!” If your community is full, this seems like a nice, honest response given […]

  • Show Your Stuff

    Show Your Stuff Implementation: At a once a month meeting a Leasing person is chosen to “Show their Stuff”….This is a great opportunity for recognition of a job well done and to collect new ideas for the month ahead. It gives the staff a feeling of camaraderie. Each month the meeting is at a different […]

  • Phone Star Leasing Skills Contest

    Phone Star Leasing Skills Contest Our advertising includes 800#’s that when called, record prospect/Leasing Consultant calls. We have found it extremely beneficial for management to review these call recordings with members of the leasing team for training purposes. Effective learning occurs when a Leasing Consultant can listen to their conversations with prospects while determining strengths […]

  • Measuring Up Leasing Program

    Measuring Up Leasing Program Mary T. Waltersdorf Theme: Measuring up to the needs of your Community! Visuals: Yardstick and great stickers with positive comments. Each leasing consultant had their own type of stickers. Media: This is mostly for the staff. It is a way to show how each person is doing in regard to rentals.  […]

  • Your Team-Building Exercises May Not Be Creating a Team

      by Kevin E. O’Connor, CSP   Team leaders have a perennial dilemma: how can we educate, engage and develop our group in a substantial way that helps the team become better? “Team-building” is often seen as the fun add-on to a meeting devoted to science, sales figures and quarterly goals. These can include a […]

  • Leasing Skills Evaluation & First Week Review

    Download Word Leasing-LEASING-SKILLS-EVALUATION-First-Week-Review   LEASING SKILLS EVALUATION   DIRECTIONS:  The questions provided below will address the questions and/or situations that you may find yourself facing as a Leasing Professional.  Each situation lists alternative actions that you may choose from.  Select the action or response that most closely describes what you would do or say in […]

  • Main Ingredients of a Successful Sales Meeting

    THE MAIN INGREDIENTS OF A SUCCESSFUL SALES MEETING Sales meetings are important to the development of your leasing team, yet too many of them take the form of boring lectures, lightweight “pep talks”, or redundant time wasters. Try incorporating these three important elements into your next meeting and watch your team’s success soar! Recognize Performance […]

  • Technology Training Leasing Training Program   Download the Idea from our Brainstorming Event According to HR Magazine, companies that invest $1,500 on training per employee can see an average of 24 percent more profit than companies that invest less. Additionally, a study of 2,500 businesses done by ATD found that companies that offer thorough training generated more […]

  • A Solid Training Plan

    A solid training plan should include details about the company’s policies and procedures, the implementation process, assessment, mentoring methods, and motivation for participation. The steps that need to be taken are: What training the management company needed Find the right type of training Choose the right training to suit the team members In-house training External […]

  • Seminar Icebreaker

    Seminar Icebreaker Contributed by Dr. Fred Broder, Speaker/Trainer   Objective:  To provide each seminar participant with an opportunity to get the know the other participants in a context that will facilitate subsequent interaction at a level that will allow for greater openness and comfort. You’ll need a 5×7” index card, pen, and safety pin for […]

  • Training Ideas By Others

    TRAINING IDEAS   Telephone Training With a Banana! Contributed by Kathy Cox, Sales Training Alliance   Want to pick up your leasing team’s energy and excitement?  One of the silly but extremely successful telephone tricks that I have used to jump-start a really slow week with little or no telephone appointments it to pull out […]

  • Training Your Staff to Sell Rent Increases

    Quick Tip: Beat the Clock   Rick Lewis of M.D. Carlisle provides the following great renewal incentive, especially helpful when there’s an impending rental rate increase.  Rick writes: “By creating an incentive for our residents to renew early, we tie down extra renewals and even have found out sooner about those of the inevitable move-outs […]

  • Planning for Super Successful Meetings

    Planning for Super Successful Meetings   by Tiffany Stubblefield   Effective, productive meetings don’t just happen on their own—they take advance thought and preparation. The following steps are designed for use in planning a sales meeting, but they can be easily adapted and applied to any type of meeting.   Pick a topic (assess the […]


    CUSTOMER SERVICE TRAINING GAMES         It’s Not Just a Fruit   In a Nutshell – In this game, participants learn to cross-sell or substitute-sell by outlining the features and benefits of common “products” such as a banana.  The game is useful for anyone who needs to describe or sell a product or […]

  • Multifamily Housing Classifications

    There are several types of multifamily housing. Most apartment properties are put into one of four property classifications. Each “classification” of properties has a letter grade. These grades are used to help investors, property management professionals and real estate brokers speak a common language so they can understand a property’s characteristics and condition quickly. They […]

  • Three Mind-Tickling Techniques to Make Your Presentation Content More Memorable and Motivating

    By Mary Sandro © ProEdge Skills, Inc. ( Raw information tickles the logical mind and bores the rest of the mind to sleep.  The result of an overly logical presentation: bored, sleepy listeners who remember nothing and do nothing.  Great presenters start with raw information, add their opinions, color it with imagery, and give it […]