Contributed by Michelle Simon   Deliver coloring books, compliments of your community to children’s wards in hospitals, public libraries with children’s story hours, bookstores with children’s programs, day care centers, pediatrics offices, the YWCA, YMCA, kindergartens, and lower grade elementary school classes. Download coloring pages from the Internet into Microsoft Publisher or Word. At the […]

  • Generosity Trend: How Small Businesses Can and Do Help Charities

    By As people are becoming more concerned about poverty and suffering around the world, Corporate Social Responsibility has become somewhat compulsory for many large corporations. According to the Giving Institute (, Walmart, Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, Exxon, AT&T, and many others are known for donating millions of dollars to charities each year. Yet, they […]

  • Generosity Trend 2010

    Understanding the growing importance of generosity as a leading societal and business mindset is going to be very important in 2010. Many in the corporate world are so far removed from today’s better informed, more opinionated consumer that their (non-) communications, inter-actions,  and overall behavior is deeply out of touch with what consumers  really want […]