• Multifamily Review Trends from the Brainstorming Sessions

    Augmented reality  is a term used to describe a live direct or indirect view of  the physical real-world environment whose elements are merged with  a  virtual computer generated image – creating a  mixed reality. More ‘real world’ developments (with a virtual twist):Expect to hear about Augmented Reality Reviews… We can all follow UDR’s experiments in […]

  • Websites: Thoughts From Tami’s Trends Luncheon

    Save the Date: Brainstorming Sessions September 15-17, Dallas Tx. Thoughts straight from my Trends Luncheon  slides. People’s online behavior is changing enormously. We are becoming increasingly used to real-time interaction thanks to the social internet.  Quoting Robin Grant of  WE ARE SOCIAL “In the places that people choose to spend their online lives, constant interaction […]

  • 100% “On” in 2010

    For 2009, when it came to online, we thought of 100%. As in: 100% accepted, 100% integrated, 100% lusted after. From mature consumer societies to fast-growing ones, everyone was online, or will soon be. Every young consumer definitely is. And no one is logging off. The impact? No excuse not to go ‘all out” when […]