• 100% “On” in 2010

    For 2009, when it came to online, we thought of 100%. As in: 100% accepted, 100% integrated, 100% lusted after. From mature consumer societies to fast-growing ones, everyone was online, or will soon be. Every young consumer definitely is. And no one is logging off. The impact? No excuse not to go ‘all out” when […]

  • now has a augmented reality Layar mobile application embraces virtual communication through new Layar mobile application Apartment seekers can search thousands of apartment listings through the world’s first augmented reality browser, anchor Web site of For Rent Media Solutions™,  has launched an augmented reality Layar mobile application. The application lets apartment seekers view their current location through the camera of […]

  • Tom Peter’s “Brand Called You”

    Remember Tom Peter’s ‘Brand Called You’? It has to be one of my all time fav articles. From the article: “No matter what you’re doing today, there are four things you’ve got to measure yourself against. First, you’ve got to be a great teammate and a supportive colleague. Second, you’ve got to be an exceptional […]

  • Grow Your Business with Mobile Applications

    Mobile applications, or apps for short, are the future for today’s businesses. While many people associate apps for the iPhone, Blackberry, and Google Android devices as simply fun and games, the fact is that any business can create an app that generates customer interest, garners client loyalty, and positions your company as the industry leader. […]

  • Mobile Tipping Point: Beyond Voice

    Your cell phone is evolving into a business productivity tool… In the early days of cell phones, they were used merely for talking. Today, cell phones have a myriad of other applications. For many people, their cell phone is their daily organizer, music player, camera, GPS system, and news and weather device. But that’s just […]

  • Managing Your Reputation Online

    A real Social Media CHALLANGE has become apparent in the past couple of days, evidenced by a certain management company that’s taking a lot of heat in the media, both on- and off-line. So how does a company respond adeptly, in real time, to controversy in this new world? Managing your reputation effectively in the […]

  • High-End Rental Markets on Downward Trend

    A recent nationwide study of rents and occupancy, conducted by RealFacts for 2Q09, reveal that renters are showing resistance to paying a premium to rent an apartment in a high-end market. Rents were in decline in every market nationwide in the current quarter except for a few modest increases in Tampa-St Petersburg, FL at 1.2%; […]


    What keywords are your competitors using in their online advertising campaigns?  Interested in learning their top  organic keywords, daily ad budget or average cost per click? can tell you this and more at no charge.  Just enter a Web site address and SpyFu provides its online advertising stats.  It’s an easy way to keep […]

  • How to Turn HR Expenses into Profits

    Get more returns from your employees for fewer dollars By John Schaefer The only good thing about today’s challenging economy is that many established recognition and performance programs are open for review that might not hit the radar in healthier economic times. Everyone is looking for ways to make sure they’re getting the most benefit […]

  • Green Perks

    One of our recent articles talked about the power of perks. Today, let’s look at how we can get even more mileage out of offering perks to our residents by combining them with another of the hottest trends happening right now: going green. Here are a couple of great green perks to get your started! […]

  • YouTube meets Craigslist and eBay!

    Oh, YES! What do you get when you cross online classified ads with web-based video? is partly eBay, Craigslist and YouTube. is a whole new way for customers to reach out to sell their used stuff: automobiles, collectibles, concert tickets and of course apartments. They describe the site as “Combining the hottest internet […]

  • Perks

    While fantasizing about The Next Big Thing in Multifamily Marketing can be inspiring, execution beats everything. Today I see way to many apartment communities searching for the next marketing solution, I ask “ARE YOU FOCUSED ON RESIDENT RETENTION?” Which is exactly why an easy-to-apply trend like the rising importance of perks and benefits should be […]