Contributed by Michelle Simon


Deliver coloring books, compliments of your community to children’s wards in hospitals, public libraries with children’s story hours, bookstores with children’s programs, day care centers, pediatrics offices, the YWCA, YMCA, kindergartens, and lower grade elementary school classes.

Download coloring pages from the Internet into Microsoft Publisher or Word. At the bottom of each coloring page make sure to include “Compliments of XYZ community, your address and phone number”. Be sure to include a web address if you have one. Have fun designing your coloring book!!

You can also include a 24 count box of Crayola Crayons with each coloring book. Put a sticker on each box that says “Compliments of XYZ community” your address and phone number. You can purchase the 24-count box at Target for less than $1.00 each.

Put together a coloring book tied to a recent movie release. For example I designed a Scooby Doo coloring book when the movie was released.

Design a coloring book around your property’s positioning statement. For example one of our property’s positioning statement was “A New Raleigh Classic”. A few of the coloring pages in this book included a classic toy, Barbie, a classic cartoon character, Bugs Bunny, a classic Walt Disney character, Mickey Mouse.

Design a coloring book with a holiday theme, St. Patrick’s Day, Thanksgiving etc.


Use these anywhere and everywhere you find children!! I’ve delivered coloring books to the children’s ward at a several local hospitals, day care centers, pediatrics offices, elementary schools and several public libraries.

Everyone loved the coloring books! The hospital even wrote us a letter of appreciation! While this kind of marketing is not always measurable, imagine the name of your apartment community plastered on refrigerators across your community! It’s a great way to get on someone’s mental contact list!