Designer Showcase Extravaganza

Anita Alberger


Category: Leasing


Theme: Designer Showcase Extravaganza


Visuals: Direct Mail was a huge part of this promotion. Designing a marketing card with upscale lifestyle photos of people relaxing and enjoying home in very stylish apartment homes. In the publications and internet it was adding Banners & Starbursts to invite the prospect out.


Media: Direct Mail, Apartment Pubs and Internet


Implementation: We called in the Furniture companies we worked with offered them an apartment to furnish and design however they would like for this two week promotion, with the stipulation they would not charge us for any supplies or furniture.


Cost: 3000.00


Results: 27 Apartments leased in two weeks! The cost was about $ 3000 for marketing cards, mailouts and great finger foods and drinks in each designer apartment to encourage the prospects to mingle inside the models.