From Tami’s Trends Luncheon: Instantaneous

Instant gratification has been a big part of consumerism for decades, it’s the online world that for better or worse represents Instantaneous on steroids. In fact, if there’s one defining theme for the online world in 2010, it’s ‘real-time’.

It seems everyone lives in “On”  and  wants an on-demand world. They know no other. Want music? Download it. Want to know something? Google it. Want to tell Susie what Bobby said? Text it.
Now, Now, Now.

Online users are insatiably lusting after ever-more up-to-date info on other people , on products, and on events. They are thus obsessed with real-time publishing, real-time search, real-time reviews and price-comparison, real-time news, real-time conversations and more. And yes, Twitter is the current, deserved poster child for this phenomenon. ..   Face it, E-mail is just too slow!

This ‘instant information and communication gratification’ is satisfying consumers: in a unheard scale and scope.

This is a pulse that we obviously can and have to tap into (never before has business intelligence been so in your face),  we have to become part of ‘moving at the speed of culture’: i.e. engaging in (and initiating) conversations. These conversations are not only visible in real-time, but they’re also visible to everyone. It will mean offering limited, time-based offers, real-time customer service, and other activities that will make the difference between an alive, “NOW” brand and a static, DEAD brand.

The brand that gets it: Sprint

Sprint has zeroed in on this expectation with pinpoint accuracy. It used to be the phone company. But now it’s no longer selling just phones. It is selling the concept of “now.“

The “Now Network” campaign was created for a product called a mobile broadband card. But it hardly matters. Sprint isn’t trying to dominate the mobile broadband card market. It is trying to dominate the space in the consumer’s mind where the word “now” lives.

Sprint’s unique URL (a microsite) that you can visit at that featured a mesmerizing array of tiny widgets showing different things that live in the now: top words being used online, current world population, a tiny game of Pong.

BakerTweet  allows bakers to keep their customers informed of what’s cooking. The wall-mountable BakerTweet box captures that information, allowing bakers to turn a dial to select which item they want to Tweet about at that moment and then push a button to send the full Tweet wirelessly to Twitter. Customers following the bakery then get updated immediately.

So, apartment managers……. MailTweet those residents after the mail man has delivered the mail,  we can take this concept and use it to our benefit

When I developed McNeil House Apartments in Austin, Texas we installed a notification system that informed the residents that the mailman had delivered their mail. You can Tweet or Facebook the same “Now” messages for your residents and include UPS, FedEx and so on. Your cost…one minute of your time each day! You’ll want to create a whole list of “NOW” messages so you can show your consumers you understand their needs and wants in this area.

For more information review the  Educational session: Multifamily Technology for Today and Tomorrow Presented by Richard Holtz in the Brainstorming Networks Memebers only section

SEE/HEAR/BUY thrives on (mobile) Instantly assessable  technologies that allow consumers to quickly find out more about an item, a song, or anything else they hear/see, and then buy it.

Why not have a barcode that links to information about a specific apartment address.  Once inside the apartment a simple barcode can link them to  a webpage where they can hear a resident give a testimonial about living in your apartment community better yet from the resident who just moved out of that apartment!    Maybe they can see a few photos of what that floor plan looks like with furniture in place, gives them room dimensions , sun exposure, average utility costs, why the apartment or community is green and so much more.

UDR’s mobile technology provides apartment seekers with the ability to view its entire inventory of apartments by state, city, region, and price all while on the go. Its enhanced apartment reservation/hold tool allows prospects to choose a move-in date, view floor plans, and get up-to-date pricing that is NOW!.

How will these instant gratification services further shape expectations among infolusty shoppers? Pretty dramatically I think!

Shopsavvy  this app allows the user to scan almost any barcode using the phone’s camera, and it will then search over 20,000 online and local retailers to find the best price. Once the best deal has been found, users can either purchase the product online, or use the phone’s built-in Google Maps feature to find their way to the store. There is no reason why we can’t use the same technology!

ColorSnap is a free iPhone app developed by Sherwin-Williams  allows consumers to match the color of a photo taken on their iPhone with over 1,500 colors listed in the Sherwin-Williams database. This color and the complimentary color palette is then sent to the phone