Girl Scouts Are Everywhere

Name: Jennifer Crawford



Theme: Providing a service to your residents and advertising for new residents at the same time.


Visuals: You can use a simple flyer or newsletter to get the message out to your residents.


Media: A simple flyer to residents, public radio, and human bootlegs.  Just a sign on the front door in advance can do the trick too!


Implementation: Girl Scouts are everywhere.  Each January through March, Girl Scout Cookies are for sale.  Everyone LOVES Girl Scout Cookies.  Find a scout in your community.  (If you don’t have a resident, call a local church–many sponsor scout troops) and offer to allow the troop to use your clubhouse on a few Saturdays to sell cookies from there.  There are cookie costumes available to the girls who might stand at your entrance with a sign stating that the cookies are available at the clubhouse.  Your residents will love being able to get the cookies, the Girl Scouts will be supported with needed funding, and you are doing good will to the community—you might even get some new traffic in the bargain.  Some Public radio stations will advertise this free since it is for the Scouts.


Cost: Can be $0


Results: The parents of the scout were very pleased and told their friends how much they appreciated our staff.  We got a lease from their referral.