Lease Hawk Tracking

CallSource Tracking Training

Lease Hawk  Tracking!


Consultant’s Name:                                                            Date of Call:                              


Customer’s Name:                                                              Index Number:                


ADAPT TO THE CUSTOMER (Build Rapport):                             Yes               No

1.        Did you answer by the third ring & state your name?                                      

  1. 2.           Did you re-introduce yourself in a personal way?                                            
  2. 3.           Did you get the caller’s name in the beginning?                                               

Caller’s name:                                                

  1. 4.           Did you avoid the price in the beginning (build value 1st                             
  2. 5.           Did you avoid giving a price range?                                                                  (no price ranges allowed – remember – narrow it down!)


  1. 6.           Did you ask questions regarding “Home Needs?”                                             

What were they?                                           



  1. 7.           Did you ask about their lifestyle/spare time activities?                                    

What do they enjoy doing?                                     



  1. 8.           Did you ask source in a conversational manner?                                              


  1. 9.           Did you find out where they live now?                                                            
  2. 10.        Did you ask why the are moving/relocating?                                         



  1. 11.         Did you use the information provided by involving

it in the sales conversation?                                                                             

  1. 12.         Did you use the caller’s name in the conversation?                                          

How many times?                                          

  1. 13.         Did you narrow down the choices to the apartment

Which fits the caller’s needs?  Which one?                                                       

  1. 14.         Did you “Paint A Picture” of them living here?                                                

DEVELOP A DESIRE TO VISIT (Close with Persistence)

  1. 15.         Did you create URGENCY to visit ASAP?                                                        
  2. 16.         Did you get a specific appointment date/time?                                                

When are they visiting?                                 

  1. 17.         Did you provide good directions to the community?                                       
  2. 18.         Did you get a phone number for follow-up activity?                                       

What is their phone number?                        

  1. 19.         Did you prepare them to visit & remind them of ID?                                       
  2. 20.       Did you pre-close & encourage them to bring $$$$