Maintenance HR




The Manager shall coordinate and monitor all aspects of the maintenance program. The Manager must work closely with the maintenance staff in order to retain full knowledge and control over the maintenance operation.


Maintenance Program Categories


Day-to-Day maintenance of occupied apartments is a critical aspect of the total maintenance operation. Service requests performed on a timely basis will generate good resident relations and effective word-of-mouth advertising. Failure to keep up with daily service requests will result in unhappy residents and a high rate of turnover. Routine service requests should be completed within a twenty-four hour period.


Manager must pay particular attention to the maintenance of exteriors and interiors of common areas. Grounds should be walked daily to inspect upkeep of the lawns, building exteriors upkeep of common areas such as hallways and laundry rooms. These items govern the outward appearance of each community and must be constantly monitored and maintained.


Rent ready apartments are a critical phase of the maintenance program. All preleased apartments must be readied in time for move-in. When vacancies exist, two to three vacant apartments of each type available must be rent ready at all times. A prospect must never be shown an apartment that is not rent ready.


Company policy is to strive for no more than two days rent loss on an apartment, therefore apartments should be turned and completely ready within one day after move-out.


Company Work Rules


  1. Workday begins at ________ a.m. sharp and ends at _________ p.m. with an _______ for lunch. Be on the job site and start work at _________ a.m. ALL OVERTIME MUST BE APPROVED IN ADVANCE BY YOUR SUPERVISOR.


  1. All employees are expected to be at work daily and on time. Office must be notified if you will be absent or tardy. Should you need to be off for personal reasons, please plan this in advance with your supervisor or manager.


  1. All community and non-exempt corporate employees are paid weekly/bi-weekly and all corporate exempt employees are paid semi-monthly.


  1. You will be instructed to keep a time sheet. Please fill it out accurately every day. Your supervisor must approve this time sheet at the end of each pay period.


  1. No drinking or uses of any intoxicating substances are permitted on the job. Do not report for work in an intoxicated or in a hung-over condition.


  1. Act professionally. Be courteous to residents, guests or visitors. Socializing with other staff members should be done after work.


  1. Follow safe work habits. Always use correct safety equipment and warning devices to insure your own and others’ safety. When situation warrants, put up signs indicating “danger”, “watch your step”, “caution, men working overhead”, “wet paint”, etc. Do not leave tools and equipment where people might stumble over them. Think about safety at all times.


  1. Take all necessary precautions to avoid damage. Think. Use the proper equipment. Provide drop cloths for painting; watch for spills; be careful when moving furniture, tools, and appliances.


  1. Make sure you have adequate instructions before beginning a job. Do not exceed your instructions without permission, but ask if you have ideas or suggestions. When given a job, do it right the first time.


  1. All tools and equipment must be cleaned and returned to the proper place at the end of each day or job. All working and storage areas should be locked to prevent theft.


  1. If a job is too difficult or takes too long, please take the time to consider if there is another way – a better way. When you have completed a job, look at the area to see if there are other items that should also be accomplished at the same time. When you go to a job site, be sure you have all the tools and supplies you will need to complete the work without having to return for additional supplies.


  1. Keep your supervisor informed of any changes or alterations in working conditions, instructions, and other developments affecting the performance of your job.


Remember, the quantity and quality or work performed, job knowledge, initiative, ability to learn, dependability, and cooperation are some of the factors taken onto consideration at the time of an employee’s salary and performance review.