Multifamily Marketing: Local Trend

Hello Brainstormers,

These notes are taken off my slides from the Trends Luncheon.

In 2010 we have  the Local Trend .  It’s global and flat and connected out there. But. Except for a tiny minority of jet-setting, rootless, global nomads, most people spend their day-to-day life in the same place, with the same friends, peers, associates and neighbors for at least 49 weeks a year. In fact, day-to-day, the world is 99 percent local for 99 percent of all people.

We  need to Make the Best of  the  local trend. From the ongoing appeal of locally produced or manufactured products, to bringing back consumer excitement by providing them with highly desirable offerings that are specific  to our locations. Give them local information  as a service,  celebrate local pride, show them the many ways you can help consumers connect to fellow consumers. It’s about being local as a Brand. We see this trend already with consumers wanting to purchase local food and blogging about it. What can you do be more Local?

Let me share with you a few tips to structure your local strategies:

Nothing resonates more with the authenticity-seeking crowd than something that’s ‘made here‘ and how it impacted the community/neighborhood.  Questions no one asked a few years ago will become an integral part of the leasing process. How was the community built? By whom?  What effects on the environment does it have?

LOCAL and with pride:  Local pride is and will be alive and kicking for ever. Most consumers are strongly connected to where they reside: from neighborhood to city to region to country. There’s no better way to acknowledge your customers’ daily lives and realities than to ‘localize’ your apartments and marketing. It will make you REAL and help you build your BRAND FABRIC.

LOCAL and meeting up: Forget (for now) a future in which the majority of consumers lose themselves in virtual worlds. Ironically the same technology that was once seen to be turning entire generations into homebound gaming zombies , are now almost exclusively deployed to get people out of their homes. Basically, the more people can get their hands on the right info, at home and on the go; the more they date, network, volunteer, twitter and socialize online, the more likely they are to meet up with (new) friends and followers in the real world. Why? Because people actually enjoy interacting with other warm bodies, and will do so forever.

LOCAL and ‘nethoods’: Social networks of any kind trickling down to the level of neighborhoods. Streets. Apartment Communities and even floors in office buildings. ‘Nethoods’ are “Neighborhoods, streets and even apartment communities will get their own LOCAL internet and intranet sites: not just to promote the many qualities they have to offer our (prospective) residents, but also to provide communal interaction and localized services.”

And yes, if you do this well (just think of the local advertising opportunities ), Google Local, Yelp or Yellow Pages will  be right there with you.

CREATE your own nethood , that the community owns , that can become an ancillary income source….

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