Neighborhood Enhancement Ideas for Multifamily


Neighborhood Enhancement:

  1. Help neighbors paint and repair their homes.
  2. Arrange for the local health department to conduct neighborhood health checks.
  3. Volunteer to teach classes on a sport you enjoy and know a lot about.
  4. Contact Habitat for Humanity to see how you can support them in your community.
  5. Work with the local health department to set up an immunization day or clinic to immunize children against childhood diseases.
  6. Organize a newcomers group in your neighborhood to welcome new families.
  7. Produce a neighborhood newspaper.
  8. Train to become a guide for your local tourist bureau.
  9. Make maps of local parks, libraries or historic sites.
  10. Research local historic sites and provide the research to visitor’s bureau.
  11. Petition your city to make drinking fountains and/or restrooms in public areas available.
  12. Volunteer to clean up trash at a community event or county fair.
  13. Make signs to label community buildings and sites of interest.
  14. Set up an art exhibit at a local business, school or nursing home.
  15. Design a mural or quilt highlighting important aspects of the community.
  16. Organize a campaign to paint storm drains to prevent dumping of hazardous materials.
  17. Set up an informational display at a local library.
  18. Volunteer to help with Vacation Bible School.
  19. Organize a community chorus, orchestra or band.
  20. Volunteer to help set up for a community event.
  21. Distribute leaf bags during the fall encouraging residents to clean leaves from their streets and yards.
  22. Adopt a pothole and raise funds to repair it.
  23. Plan native flowers or plants along highways.
  24. Adopt a billboard and use it for a public service announcement.
  25. Campaign for additional lighting along poorly lighted streets.
  26. Clean up vacant lot.
  27. Collect supplies for persons who have been in a fire or natural disaster.
  28. Help fix a run-down playground.
  29. Start a yard of the week award for your neighborhood.
  30. Participate in an Annual parade.
  31. Spruce up and paint the community or youth center.
  32. Plant a community garden. Adopt a town monument and keep it clean.
  33. Clean an elderly neighbor’s driveway and sidewalk after a snowfall.
  34. Clean up after a natural disaster.
  35. Organize a local blood drive with the American Red Cross.
  36. Plant flowers at town hall.
  37. Organize a campaign to raise money to buy and install new playground equipment for a park.
  38. Survey community agencies to learn the leading causes of accidents in your community then design a campaign to reduce accidents.
  39. Paint a mural or clean up a local park.
  40. Plant flowers in public areas that could use some color.
  41. Mow the lawns and care for the plants of neighbors who are away on vacation.
  42. Conduct a community accessibly check to identify potential barriers for individuals with disabilities.
  43. Plan a disabilities day where friends or classmates are given a physical disability for day and are forced to function during the day.
  44. Read aloud to a person who is visually impaired.
  45. Build park benches.
  46. Paint fences or park benches.
  47. Help winterize homes in a poverty-stricken neighborhood.
  48. Lend a helping hand at a local community center.
  49. Identify corners where bushes and trees make it difficult for drivers to see.
  50. Conduct a neighborhood drive to collect used furniture.