Other Income Golf


This idea is from the  Brainstorming Sessions – Main Event

Looking for a fun contest that’s sure to increase performance and hit a hole-in-one with your staff? Other Income Golf will not only bring out the Arnold Palmers and Nancy Lopezes lurking within your team, but will also promote suggestive selling of the ancillary services that your community offers.

What You’ll Need

«  A scorecard for everyone involved in the contest.

«  The item (or items) to be featured in the contest.

«  A prize (or prizes) worthy of the effort for one round of Other Income Golf.

How It’s Done


  1. Determine the menu item or items you want to feature in your version of Other Income Golf. Featuring four items would be the simplest approach, but you could also choose more than four.
  2. Lay out your Other Income Golf Course.
  3. Explain the rules to your team. Every “hole” is a par 4, the team member starts out 2 over par at each hole – or, in other words, a double-bogey 6 – for every item sold (ceiling fan, upgraded phone service, renters insurance. etc.) and the score now is reduced by one. For example, if during the contest, a team member sells internet access (your featured item), the score there is a 2 (6 minus).
  4. At the end of the contest, team members add up each score on their scorecard and the one with the lowest total wins! Award the second and third winners, too.

Contest Rules

Write your featured item numbers in the spaces provided. Each time you sell a featured item, place a small hash mark in the appropriate “number sold” box. Each hole is marked and you’re starting out with a double-bogey 6 – 2 over par. At the end of the contest, tally the marks in each box and subtract from 6 to calculate your score on each hole. Then add up the scores for your total. The salespeople with the lowest rounds win the big prizes!

Other Income Golf Card


Item Number
Starting Score





Number Sold
Hole Score
Player Name
Total Score


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