Resident Package Delivery

name: Lee O’Conner
phone: 888-678-3869
Company: Ellipse Group
address: 14800 Quorum Dr. Ste 465
city: Dallas
state: TX
zip: 75254

Category: Retention

Theme: Community Marketing with Resident Package Delivery!

Visuals: Create simple form stickers with Microsoft Word, Publisher or in Microsoft Outlook and Avery Labels.

Implementation: Sticker resident packages with your property logo, e-mail address and website address. When the resident comes for the pick up, remind them of the website address and its associated forms such as resident service requests and satisfaction surveys.

Our Website clients are encouraged to collect resident e-mail accounts into a central database for resident notices and updates. By collecting resident e-mails, your community can remind them that you are holding a package in the office. Taking that idea further, allow the resident to authorize entrance into their home by responding to the message.

During the holidays, your residents will appreciate the convenience and your marketing program will enjoy the added exposure!

Cost: $50.00

Results: Residents will enjoy the expirece of not having to drive home at the speed of light to beat the office closing.