Resident Retention Time Line

Resident Retention Time Line
Contributed by Tracie P. Leonard, Director of Training / Regional Property Manager, Bozzuto Management Company

Tracy says:  “Bozzuto Management incorporated a detailed and time intensive Customer / Resident Relations program.  The program begins when the customer calls and visits, and extends throughout their lease.  Various marketing materials and gifts are mailed, delivered, or served to the resident during their lease term. Therefore, when the on-site employees were brought together in order to present the Resident Relations program, it was crucial that all of them understood the program and the items that were to be used during each contact.

In order to get the employees involved in talking about the program, as well as the importance of how to deliver and when to deliver the marketing pieces, I decided to use a Time Line.

I put several sheets of white poster board on the wall and wrote the name of the program at the top.  The employees were given a handbook about the program and all of the marketing materials that went with it.  As we began the discussion, I would ask an employee to come up to the poster board, write the time that the contact was occurring and then draw a picture of how to interact with the customer/resident.  After the employee drew the picture, they would tape the marketing material next to it.

At first the employees were hesitant to volunteer; however, with encouragement from me and their peers, they would gladly participate.  Most employees did not have the talent of a professional artist, so it made participation fun for everyone!

After the group completed the Time Line, I had them all stand around it and took their picture.

I conducted this exercise with leasing, management, and maintenance personnel.  I found that the exercise worked well with everyone.”