Retention for under $5

name: Tammy K. Bales
phone: 407-827-7222
Company: Plantation Park
address: 13000 Mulberry Park Dr.
city: Orlando
state: FL
zip: 32821

Category: Retention

Theme: Resident Retention was of utmost importance to us, as turnover was very high early this year leaving our occupancy low. In order to keep our residents we implemented a “Resident Retention” program that starts approximately 120 days before renewal. We send the gift chocolates from “Birthday Chocolates” out first, the following month we send out labels with their name & address from “Welcome Labels”. We then send out little Renewal cards that have very little information on them so residents are forced to call or stop by and speak with us about renewing. We are then able to negotiate with them. I think this personal touch has helped us save many residents from leaving…

Cost: $4.50 per resident

Results: Our month-to-month leases are at an all time low and Resident Renewals have increased dramatically.