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For over 28 years, thousands of multifamily executives just like you have been reading and following the advice of Multifamilypro. You only need ONE idea from this membership to pay for the cost of the membership many times over. BUT, we’re going to give you THOUSANDS of proven ready-to-use ideas, tools, forms, and techniques specifically for apartment marketing, management, and leasing.  You’ll LEARN: how to increase your resident retention, occupancy, income, and traffic. You’ll learn to do all of this easily, efficiently, and inexpensively; this is the Multifamilypro guarantee! Or you can sign up for a BASIC FREE membership with limited access.

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Our Leasing success is founded on building effective relationships to turn future residents into satisfied residents. That’s not always an easy process, but experience and expertise can make all the difference. Leasing is such a broad term in our industry, so this section is divided into six categories to take you straight to what you need most, FAST! You’ll find both leasing experience and expertise and more at your fingertips.

Renewals that Increase Rents and Reduce Turnover

Finally, wrap your brain around the renewal process! Learn how to implement a rent-raising renewal process. This membership reveals the when, where, and how behind successfully raising rents and selling rent increases. Tami will equip you with the information and tools needed to immediately begin achieving a higher revenue stream for your company and community! Tami presents financial terms in a way that is simple and easy to use.

Resident Retention

Your residents are your most valuable resource, and keeping them is your most powerful strategy when it comes to ensuring your success. Residents are as diverse as the communities they live in, so you need a many-fold approach to serving and satisfying them and keeping them convinced to stay. That’s where this membership steps in; Tami shares the best resident retention ideas, tips, tools, and strategies that she’s gained over her many years in the multifamily industry.

Social Media Strategy and Planning

Mpro Membership is designed to walk you through the ins and outs of the ever-changing marketing channels of social media. Tami takes you step-by-step through different techniques and provides you with the tools, forms, and critical information needed to analyze and evaluate your community’s needs. You will learn to define your plan, monitor its success, and improve/adjust as needed.

SEO Basics, Intermediate and Advanced

Everyone talks about the apartment marketing potential of SEO, but hardly anyone knows the secrets of using it with success. In this section of the Mpro Membership, Tami will show you how to make it happen from basic to advanced.

Digital Marketing & Resources

There is much more to digital marketing than Internet Listing Services ( & ForRent) and Search Engines. Many of the resources are very low cost and, most importantly, FREE! This part of the Mpro Membership Tami covers the not-so-obvious ways to generate more leads for your community.

Management Strategies, Ideas, Tips, and Tools

This section of Mpro Membership is jammed with the best insider info you’ll find anywhere, covering the most important topics of our trade: Values and ethics, Best practices, Fair housing, Recruiting, and more!

Offline Marketing

 Tried-and-true traffic generation ideas from coast to coast. Mpro is full of ideas, tips, techniques, articles, tools, and more, designed specifically to generate more traffic now! It’s the one traffic generation tool you can’t afford to be without! Proven ideas will show you how to boost referrals, raise awareness, generate positive publicity, create effective marketing campaigns, produce memorable events, and how marketing calls can bring in more qualified traffic.

Human Resources

It is apparent to most of us that the new century has brought new challenges to the tasks of managing, marketing, and leasing multifamily communities.  This section, through discussion and example, contains the basic tools that will help your company and communities adapt to today’s demands, including:
Policies – guides for decision-making and determining courses of action.
Procedures – sequences of actions required for implementing policies.
Forms – whether on paper or electronically produced, forms exist to provide evidence of the implementation of a procedure; constitute a record of all management activities, and facilitate the evaluation of procedures and policies.

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