Spring into Action

Spring into Action

Theme: Spring Into Action!

This is a renewal idea from way back… there are 2 components that make it so great. Not only is this a renewal idea, but a curb appeal idea as well.

Visuals: Flowerpot (Those great plastic ones that look ceramic), dirt, flowering seed packets, renewal lease

Media: None

Implementation: First you take a flowerpot… (even those plastic ones now look like ceramic pots, add dirt and seeds then stick the flowering seed packet in the dirt so the resident knows what you planted…(forget me nots are really cute because of the name) and put this at all doors, with a fresh lease in tow. In a slower market like we have in Atlanta, renewing all residents and creating new leases, even extensions are vital here. On the up side, because this is done in March/April, it is perfect time to plant and your resident doesn’t even have to do this… just care for it and leave on the porch to beautify the property.

Cost: $10 or less a resident

Results: Increased renewals and increased curb appeal!
Lee Ann Edwards Cornerstone REIT