Spring Themed Patio

Spring Themed Patio
Theme: Best Spring Themed Patio
Visuals: Take pictures of the top 10 patios and post them on a board in the office for all residents and prospects to vote on.
Media: Included an article in your newsletter, or send out a flyer to advertise the contest.
Implementation: When driving into Riverwood the first thing you see are our patios. Most were bare, so I wanted to find a way to inspire the resident to “dress up” their patios.
Cost: 150.00
Results: Allowing the residents to vote made them feel more like a part of the community and brought them into the office where we could give them more personal attention. Also, the prospects base their rental decision on their first impressions, so seeing our beautiful patios and being able to feel welcomed into our community by giving them the opportunity to vote brought in many new residents.
Christy Rushing Riverwood Apartments