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  • Pet-Friendly Renting Trends Survey

    The Apartments.com 2013 Pet-Friendly Renting Trends Survey Reveals… ·         88 percent of renters who own pets say the pet policies of apartment buildings play a major role in where they choose to live ·         Most renters who own pets think that the majority of non-pet owners who live in their building are either pet-friendly (51 […]

  • Longer Lease Terms

    Brad Marting   Category: Leasing   Theme: Leases longer than traditional 12-month terms are being promoted as a way to preserve income streams at properties. 18 and 24 month lease terms are becoming popular. This can have an adverse effect upon a leasing team member’s earnings until the lease expires.  A commission program had to […]

  • The White Tornado Tour

    Lori Snider   Category: Leasing   Theme: The White Tornado Tour   To help teams focus on curb appeal and cleanliness, do a White Tornado Tour.   This involves a general leasing meeting, spiff buckets and White Tornado inspections by regional managers.   Visuals: Mr. Clean, White Tornado   Implementation:   1. Hold a general […]

  • Let It Rain…Watch It Pour! Revenue Management Software Comes of Age

    This article is older but the content is still relevant for companies that are not using a revenue management system. By Dan Amedro & Bruce Barfield Scot Sellers, chairman and CEO of Archstone-Smith, has always sought ways for his company to perform more efficiently and profitably. A forward thinker, Sellers began considering the potential for […]

  • Lead by Example Creating a Legacy of Leadership

    By Sarah Noe Leaders are not all created equal. Leadership, by definition, is a process by which a person influences others to accomplish an objective and directs the organization in a way that makes it more cohesive and coherent. The most important factor to building a great legacy of leadership within your company comes from […]

  • Confidently Make Decisions On Demand

    By Francie Dalton The executive ranks are brimming over with action oriented, quick thinking individuals who are ready, willing, and able to dispense decisions on demand. More challenging, though, is knowing whether a decision should be made on demand. In the heat of the moment, it can be tempting to act precipitously, perhaps having been […]

  • Why Achievers Don’t Set Goals

    By Douglas Vermeeren When most people make a goal, they state something they want to do or achieve, set a completion date, create some checkpoints for the goal, and then cross items off their list as they are done. Unfortunately, such an approach rarely leads to long-term success. Why? Because the traditional goal-setting formula most […]

  • Successfully Lead Through Major Organizational Change

    By Gary Bradt Today, companies are bought and sold at a dizzying rate, and reorganizations happen like clockwork. These changes are usually made with the best of intentions but unfortunately don’t always end up with the intended results. That’s because leaders pay attention to the logical aspects of the process, i.e. the business case, but […]