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  • DEVELOPING A MODEL LEASING STRATEGY Part II: Making Models Worth Their While

    In Part I of our series, we discussed the importance of location and floor plan choice to making models work effectively.   There are several other important factors to consider in developing a model marketing strategy in which the leasing end justifies the marketing means.  In short, making models worth their while depends upon careful merchandising […]

  • Models: Scarecrow Family

    Lori Knight   Category: Leasing   Theme: I put scarecrows all in the apartment as if they were the family.   Visuals: Brightly dressed scarecrows with decorations around them.   Media: I use the scarecrows on my flyers and out in the front of the property to pull it all together.   Implementation: I bought […]

  • Reinforce Those Amenities

    Stephanie Graves   Category: Leasing   Theme: Reinforce those amenities   Visuals: Use photos of your amenities for pictures in your models and/or mini models.  Rather than buying expensive art, blow up the photos of amenities around your community and use them as framed art work in your models and mini-models.   Media: Print   […]

  • Mini Models

    Veronica Bowen   Phone: 936-443-5546 Company: Centra Partners Address: 2210 Westview Blvd City: Conroe State: Texas Zip: 77304   Category: Leasing   Theme: Mini Models – In apartments that have been vacant the longest or floor plans you have trouble leasing set up mini models with towels, shower curtains, a few dishes in the kitchen, […]

  • Color Magic: Paint and Texture Gives Apartments a Homey Feel

    By James Martin Color Marketing Group, the international group that forecasts and tracks color trends has a saying: “Color sells, and the right color sells better.” At no time in history has this ever been truer; at present, there isn’t a single product sold in this country in which the color does not impact people’s […]