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  • Smart Apartments

    1990 Austin apartments offer some unusual high-tech amenities There are two twists in this otherwise ordinary home automation story. Twist 1: As Kevin Teague leaves for work, he locks the door behind him and presses the LOCK button on his wireless keychain to arm his security system. Programmed lights automatically turn off and his CD […]

  • Successful Social Media Presence

    Become a Pro Social Member and gain access to everything you need for a  Successful Social Media Presence Using social media effectively can be a fantastic way to gain the interest of potential residents and keep your valued residents aware, interested and engaged … but who has the time?!? YOU DO … now that the Multifamilypro Social […]

  • Employee Rivalry: Deal with It! 5 Tips for Managing Dueling Staffers

      By Barbara Jaurequi   Child Psychiatrist David Levy introduced the term “sibling rivalry” in 1941. Self-explanatory in its terminology, the concept of sibling rivalry is easy to grasp. The mechanism of employee rivalry works essentially the same way, with the employees in a competitive relationship, striving for greater approval from their employer or manager. […]

  • How to Create Promotional Pieces that Attract Your Ideal Clients

      by Dawn Josephson   Whether you’re creating a sales letter, a brochure, a newsletter, or any other business promotional piece, you need to write in a way that not only explains your product or service, but that also compels your prospects to contact you. Unfortunately, many promotional pieces miss the mark. Outrageous claims, weak […]

  • Take Your Online Local Advertising to the Next Level

    Take Your Online Local Advertising to the Next Level By Allison Nuanes   Your business probably has a Facebook page, and maybe even a Twitter account, but what about an active local profile, such as on Google+ Local, Yelp, or FourSquare? If you’re not using your local profiles to get customers to “check in” to […]

  • Dare to Compare

    Dare to Compare!  We dare you to compare McNeil House Apartment Homes to any other community you may be considering!     McNeil House Community #2 Community #3 Community #4   Advanced Technology and Multimedia Capabilities P      Wiring for multiple telephone lines P      Additional telephone outlets in each room P      Cable TV outlets in each […]

  • Reservation Guarantee

      Our Reservation Guarantee   We guarantee the availability of McNeil House Apartment Home # ____ This Guarantee is valid until the Apartment Home is ready for move in. In the event that the apartment home is not available on the below date the full reservation fee of $200.00 will be refunded upon request. Upon […]


    COMMUNITY EVALUATION   SCORING INSTRUCTIONS: If an item is not applicable, write n/a and adjust the scoring by the points allowed. Example: If a community does not have a tennis court, write n/a beside #19 and adjust the scoring totals by five points.   POINT SCORE                           What was the first impression on […]


    CUSTOMER SERVICE TRAINING GAMES         It’s Not Just a Fruit   In a Nutshell – In this game, participants learn to cross-sell or substitute-sell by outlining the features and benefits of common “products” such as a banana.  The game is useful for anyone who needs to describe or sell a product or […]

  • Supervisors Performance Evaluation

    Supervisors Performance Evaluation:   Do you agree or disagree:   SUPERVISOR   1.  I am aware of my expectations and policies that my supervisor has of me. Agree / Disagree   2.  It is clear to me who my direct supervisor is. Agree / Disagree   3. My supervisor encourages teamwork and cooperation within our […]

  • Satellite Dish: LEASE ADDENDUM

    LEASE ADDENDUM   Name: ________________________________________ Apartment #:__________     Community-approved satellite systems are available, and can be arranged with the assistance of your personal Leasing Professional, at the cost of service from a community-approved provider.  Our assistance will help to ensure that you receive the best possible benefit of your satellite service, while conforming to […]