The White Tornado Tour

Lori Snider


Category: Leasing


Theme: The White Tornado Tour


To help teams focus on curb appeal and cleanliness, do a White Tornado Tour.


This involves a general leasing meeting, spiff buckets and White Tornado inspections by regional managers.


Visuals: Mr. Clean, White Tornado




1. Hold a general leasing meeting. For smaller companies, have a staff meeting.


2. Provide buckets, and craft items for people to decorate their buckets with.  Have leasing teams create a unique identity with their buckets.  Encourage creativity and innovation.


3. Announce that they need to fill the bucket with cleaning supplies and do a general demonstration on the importance of spiffing, and the leasing professional’s role and responsibility in, as well as the impact of, keeping the product pristine.


4. Announce the White Tornado Tour will be coming their way, and if they score well, big prizes will be delivered.


5. Purchase white sweatshirts, white baseball caps, white gloves and other white supplies.


Some examples: white sunglasses, anything with a tornado on it, white towels, (once we even found white unicorn hats that resembled a tornado) and have the White tornado tour inspectors don items for the tour. This keeps the mood light while still providing an impactful learning experience.


6. Develop a spiffing checklist for communities, as well as regional manager assessment. Make sure to utilize a point scoring system.


7. Teams that score well receive a prize (lunch on the house, time off, cash bonus) and recognition in the newsletter, etc. (Make sure to take a picture of the team with the “inspector”.


Cost: $200 – $500


Results: Increased focus on detail and curb appeal.  An understanding of the leasing professional’s role in presenting a quality product.