Using the Perks Trend: Generate More Resident Referrals

Perks is  a sub trend of the Generosity trend .

Perks are cool to receive, but not cool to have taken away. Prepare to be in it for the long run, or clearly communicate the temporary nature of the privileges you’re introducing.

You will have to be creative, and you will need  to reach out If you want to offer your customers perks outside your own brand-sphere, it means that forging exclusive relationships and partnerships with other brands and personalities has never been a more prized skill.

Apparently  a banner “4 miles to the strip” is a PERK to some as posted on a Las Vegas Blog  the blog post reads “This is one of the perks listed for that apartment complex, across the street from where I work. This is on Hacienda, if you travel a 1/4 mile east you can see the Luxor.”
In this example the cost awareness of this perk was a banner!
A twist on perks and privileges was created by Bell Partners when they introduced The Bell Assurance Program! This program turned the penalties of leasing and living in an apartment community during the recession into positives that felt like perks and would make a resident feel comfortable in uncertain times.

Here’s a simple, under-used tactic that, if practiced consistently and long-term, will delight residents and potential  residents, and do more for positive brand buzz than most mass advertising campaigns: Random Acts of Kindness. Think everything from picking up the tab when a resident orders a pizza. This is very easy to do today just contact your local computerized Pizza delivery service and giving them your community addresses, heck they might give you a free pizza a week in exchange for promotion in your community, so when a resident calls in and orders a pizza and they are the magic number 5 that week… you pick up the tab!…Hey a new twist on the old school pizza box flyer! Pay for competitor residents pizzas!

Try sending a surprise gift to loyal residents—a well-crafted, well-understood campaign—will soften up even the toughest of customers. Consider this From a New York Times article on R.A.K.:

The unexpected nature of R.A.K. gifts will leave the customer not just pleased but also grateful. Gratitude is a powerful, and potentially quite profitable, emotion to inspire.
‘Surprise’ is key’: R.A.K. need to be unexpected, and there should be no discernible pattern to which customers will get them.

A good example: Hyatt Hotels  launched a campaign which empowers employees to give Gold Passport guests ‘pleasant surprises’ to delight them during their stay. As a side note on Hotels… I have great respect for management companies in this industry there are some excellent companies out there, with that being said I humbly state if I had to hire a company today for Fee management it would be a hotel management company, I have always been afraid that one day this industry would be over taken by the hotel industry.
We should start to think about RAK as a under utilized form of marketing as a way to generate more resident referrals! They don’t have to cost a lot and the possibilities are unlimited!

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