Welcome Letter

Happy Village Plaza Apartments



Dear Resident,


Thank you for choosing Happy Village Plaza Apartments.


Happy Village Plaza Apartments  is participating in the Tax Credit affordable housing Program. There is an income limit for all families according to your household size at the time of your initial move in.  With your help we will need to verify all of the income that your family receives as well as any assets.


This program was implemented so that low to moderate-income families can enjoy comfortable living at an affordable rent. If you have limited income, just starting out or your household size places you and your family in the low to moderate income level classification, you will find that Happy Village Plaza  Apartments  has quality housing at a rent that you can afford.


You will be asked to provide this information once a year. This is usually at the time you renew your lease.  You will need to provide us with verification of your income as well as your assets.  Should your income increase it will not affect your ability to receive affordable housing.


If you are a full time student please make certain that you are qualified for the program by consulting with the staff at  Happy Village Plaza  Apartments


We look forward to welcoming you and your family to your new home.



Thank you again


The staff at  Happy Village Plaza Apartments.