Welcome to Your Neighborhood

Welcome to Your Neighborhood


Welcome to Your Neighborhood


Re: Customer Service Zone Team Up


On any large property, residents sometimes feel like they are just a number, just a rent check.

On a student property, students attending large universities already feel like a number.  Many of them are away from home for the first time and by midterms, homesickness is very prevalent.


Service technicians and office personnel often feel like they are on separate teams – sometimes separate planets.


How do we solve these problems?


Thanks to our summer intern, Marie Hewitt, from Virginia Tech, we were introduced to maintenance zoning.  This makes each service technician responsible for a certain area of the property.


We took her idea and went a step further.  We now have zone teams.  Each service technician is paired up with a customer service specialist (CSS) who is also a leasing professional.  This creates a team specifically for each section of our community.


When our residents move in, we introduce them to their “neighborhood team”.

Each time a service request is called in, it is given to the appropriate zone CSS who gets all details and then hands off to their team’s service technician.

The resident gets to speak with the same person in the office.

The resident gets to see the same service technician.


At “Meet Your Neighbor Night”, the team is able to help introduce residents to each other since we actually get to know our residents on in a large community.


Our service technician and CSS work together to build a relationship and “manage” their zone.

When the service request is completed, the CSS for that zone completes a follow up call to insure customer satisfaction.  If there is a problem, then the CSS and service technician work together to create an action plan and work to resolve the situation.


The property director then becomes a “global supervisor” managing mini teams rather than 6 – 10 staff members.  This also allows our entire staff to be in “management training,” since we are a small company with big plans for growth on the horizon.