Wheel Of Fortune Renewal Game

Wheel of Fortune

Topic Assigned: Create a list of all the renewal strategies your group has heard of (i.e.
requiring residents to give a 90-day notice to vacate; letting residents renew on a month-tomonth
basis, etc.) Once this is completed, review each strategy to see if you can improve it or
recommend alternatives. Next create new strategies to increase your odds of getting the
resident to sign another lease. Do you need any tools/forms/flyers to implement the new
strategies? Create as many tools as time allows.
Facilitator Comments: Wheel of Fortune (Spin, Win, and Grin
Theme: Wheel of Fortune – Spin, Win, and Grin!
Key Visuals: Wheel
Media Vehicle(s): Brochure Banner AdsFlyer Direct Mail Poster
Specialty Item: Wheel
Describe the Idea: We will build a wheel with renewal gifts. Every month we will hold a
resident function and everyone who renewed will come and spin. All residents will be invited to
get them fired up for renewing.
Tools: build a wheel; identify options; inventory; marketing collateral
People: hold monthly resident function to spin and win after they sign their lease
Suppliers: sign company, paint company, maintenance warehouse
Web sites: advertise program in Internet ads.
Money: $50 per renewal

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