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  • Press Release

    We are excited to share that today announced an agreement to acquire This acquisition represents our unwavering commitment to invest in building the very best solutions for marketing your communities, and will provide many benefits for our advertisers and for renters looking for their next home.’s network of four websites –, […]

  • How To Help The Victims Of Hurricane Harvey

    The devastation from Hurricane Harvey continues to be felt throughout Texas, as heavy rains and catastrophic flooding are expecting to continue for days. Although the extent of the damage and death toll is not yet clear, the National Weather Service is already calling the storm “unprecedented.” Major highways are submerged in floodwaters, emergency services have […]

  • Reprint: Apartments offer some unusual high-tech amenities

    Austin apartments offer some unusual high-tech amenities There are two twists in this otherwise ordinary home automation story. Twist 1: As Kevin Teague leaves for work, he locks the door behind him and presses the LOCK button on his wireless keychain to arm his security system. Programmed lights automatically turn off and his CD player […]

  • Tami Siewruk Sounding Off On The Future of Apartment Marketing.

    The future of apartment marketing is going to focus more on the whole apartment living experience. In the past apartment marketing teams sat on the periphery of an apartment development organization — the apartments were built, and plans were made, and then marketing was told: “OK, now go market it.” But apartment marketing becomes central […]

  • Decorating Apartments for the Holidays

    Decorating Apartments for the Holidays By Tami Siewruk   Now, I know many of you are still decorating apartments for Halloween and Thanksgiving, but the yuletide season is close upon us.  While you’re carving jack-o-lanterns and stuffing cornucopias, here are a few apartment decorations ideas to get your brain started before December finds you without […]

  • Employee Rivalry: Deal with It! 5 Tips for Managing Dueling Staffers

    Employee Rivalry: Deal with It! 5 Tips for Managing Dueling Staffers By Barbara Jaurequi   Child Psychiatrist David Levy introduced the term “sibling rivalry” in 1941. Self-explanatory in its terminology, the concept of sibling rivalry is easy to grasp. The mechanism of employee rivalry works essentially the same way, with the employees in a competitive […]

  • Rent Increases & Concessions Part One

    Rent Increases & Concessions Part One One of the primary reasons that companies and communities fall short of leasing at optimal rental rates is that the importance of value isn’t given the attention it deserves. Training isn’t so much what’s called for in this instance as indoctrination. In order to successfully convince residents and prospective […]

  • Apartment Marketing & Leasing: The 2017 Online Renter

     A National Study of Renter Behaviors, Preferences, & Implications Our highly anticipated study is now available for download! Breakdown and compare preferences by age, region, and planned rental length throughout the years. You won’t believe how much has changed since 2015!  Implement findings to positively impact community traffic, communication, service delivery, resident satisfaction, retention, and […]

  • Apartment Hashtaging

    Apartment Hashtaging #Hashtags may have started on Twitter, but now all social media platforms support hashtags except for LinkedIn. Apartment hashtaging gives you more exposure so you can spread the word about your apartments. This allows a bigger audience to find and view your content. Also, when you hashtag multiple times on different channels, people […]

  • Online Apartment Reviews Matter

    The apartment industry is  finally  realized the importance of online reviews from their residents. According to a recent survey, 84 percent of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation, and seven out of 10 customers will leave a review for a business if asked by the business. There are several reputation marketing […]