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  • Multifamily Leasing Checklist!

    Multifamily Leasing Annual “Spring into Spring” Season Checklist! By Tami Siewruk The Prime Multifamily Leasing Season is about to “spring” forth, and it’s time to ask yourself if you’re prepared!  Here are a few tips and ideas to help you get started:   Update your models. Ensure effective multifamily leasing by making certain that your models are […]

  • SEO HUGE News

    SEO HUGE news and means a lot of work! Google has recently updated the way that they track “vicinities,” or locations, and in doing so, locations have been completely changed in their back end and how they serve us this data. Because of this, we have to re-map these locations in our systems. Google no […]

  • Apartment Industry Speakers

    Apartment Industry Speakers Are you seeking the perfect apartment industry speaker for your next event? You want a professional apartment leasing, marketing or management speaker who will emotionally connect with your attendees, entertain them, give great content and leave them educated and motivated? Are you looking for a proven apartment professional who leaves their ego […]

  • New Social Media Platforms For Apartment Marketing

    Time For New Social Media Platforms  Apartment Marketing We’ve noticed apartment traffic from Facebook to our websites is going down. We share apartment community blog posts on our clients websites timeline for SEO benefit, and the number of visitors we attract to our sites has dropped in the past year-and-a-half. Overall, website traffic is going […]

  • Best Practices for Successful Apartment Marketing Tactics

    One of the most successful apartment marketing tactics that people have been using to generate more qualified apartment prospect leads is via apartment internet marketing. However, for most apartment managers they have no clue how to begin. The article below can help you start generating more apartment prospect leads on the Internet. Your apartment internet […]

  • Apartments Near Me Search

    “Near me” mobile searches that contain a variant of “can I buy” or “to buy” have grown over 500% over the last two years.  ‌ Why it matters in apartment marketing ‌ “Near me” is no longer just about finding a specific place. It’s now about finding a specific thing, in a specific area, and in […]

  • APARTMENT MARKETING: Facebook Update

    Facebook is phasing out its Reviews systemin favor of a new Recommendations system. The change appears to be a staged roll-out from Facebook. As of today, not all logged in Facebook users are seeing the new Recommend option. Recommendations are not appearing yet on public business pages to non-logged in users. Those pages still show the Reviews tab and content. […]

  • How To Market Your Apartments On A Small Budget Tip 4.

    How to market your apartments on a small budget. Tip 4. Promote resident referrals. Encourage residents to refer their friends to your apartments. Airbnb and Uber grew by leaps and bounds using their referral programs.  Boost your resident referral program to provide a money or discount to both the resident and recipient of the referral. […]

  • How To Market Apartments On A Small Budget Tip 3

    How to market your apartments on a small budget Tip 3. Historical Blog Post Optimization? Simply put, historical  blog post optimization means optimizing your “old” blog content so it’s fresh, up-to-date, and has the ability to generate even more leads and ranking on Google and Bing and conversions than it already does. By “old,” I just […]

  • Don’t Make This Apartment Leasing & Marketing Mistake 2

    Don’t Make This Apartment Leasing & Marketing Mistake 2 Leasing & Marketing Mistake 2: Not having a way for the prospect to contact the apartment community that doesn’t require any other information than an email address. Long forms such as guest cards do not produce nearly the same number of leads. In fact, I have […]

  • Don’t Make This Apartment Leasing Mistake 2

    Texting for Apartment Leases Fourteen months ago I had a client put a smartphone on each of their apartment communities; we have since provided the leasing teams with their own smartphone due to the demand of texting and the high response rate. Texting has increased the conversions on all lead types. And yes they are […]

  • How To Market Apartments On A Small Budget Tip 2

    How to market your apartments on a small budget Tip 2. Email Marketing People spend far too much time, money and effort chasing after new prospect lead when they usually have old prospect leads that they have either given up on or forgot all about. The most valuable leads you have are over a year […]